Is It Okay for Christians to Use CBD Oil? – Your Questions, Honest Answers

I’m having difficulty with the issue of marijuana and CBD oil. My daughter and I have gotten into disagreements over the issue. I’ve always known marijuana to …

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  2. This is the reason I left Christianity, I don't think any Pastor can tell you what to do or take, people fail to realize that 'Pastors are not God' they will tell you what you should not do…And they would be the very one doing IT! People only we know what we experience…

  3. Hemp has over 75,000 uses. Bio fuel, clothes, food, build houses and cars, medicine, and so much more. God gave us this plant for a reason. Why would it be bad? And marijuana actually strengths the lungs, doesn't negativly affect lungs. Marijuana has over 700 MEDICINAL USES. NO OVERDOSE. NO DEATHS. The reason marijuana is banned and demonized because of the tabacco, alcohol, pharmacys, and other big corporatations.

  4. It's so unfortunate for all of us that Hemp was pooled into the likes of marijuana when all along it's not even the same plant, nor does it bear the same likeness of it's psychoactive counterpart. Two completely different plants, with two completely different personalities and characteristics. The marijuana is the female cannabis and the hemp is the male. Hemp is much richer in CBD, (cannabidiol) with an extremely small amount of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis). With marijuana, it's totally the other way around. The leaves look nearly identical, but if you were to see the mature plants side by side, growing together in a field, you'd be able to tell the difference immediately. One is super tall, the other shorter and bushy.
    Thankfully, with the change in legislation and the Farm Bill, people, including doctors and state legislatures are slowly learning the truth about the differences between these two plants. People are being allowed to remember and know once again that hemp was once commonly known across the world for centuries of its medicinal properties, hundreds of textiles and industrial uses. That is until Big Pharma saw an opportunity to squelch a highly favorable natural remedy, use our own legal system to dumb down society of its effectiveness and to not only take advantage of but even create its own opportunity to line their pockets with this country's insurance dollars by pushing their drugs in its place.
    So before anyone tries to answer questions about hemp/CBD and marijuana, they need to look in the history books, learn the differences between the two and discover what our Forefathers once knew about it. And with today's technology, you'll come to understand that there's so much more to the wonders that God put into this remarkable plant called Hemp and that the marijuana, with its mind-altering effects, doesn't even compare.

  5. Someone I know has a rare autoimmune disease. Traditional drugs to fix it did not work, he got an extreme allergic reaction. Now, he can only treat it with pharmaceutical grade vitamins and baby aspirin. The nausea controlled by Zofran, which causes headaches. Occasional Marajuana use during his episodes of extreme nausea prevents him from constantly throwing up..which in turn, prevents fluid loss and damage to his esophagus and throat. Marajuana, used occasionally only when needed causes zero side effects. No allergic reactions. CBD oil, before dinner, also helps aid digestion and relaxes muscles not just on the outer skeleton, but also inside, like with digestion. Good digestion means better absorption of vitamins. Also, this effect then helps him stay strong, which then leads to a better quality of life. His family suffers when he suffers. So, the CBD oil and occasional Marajuana use cannot be sinful..no, not if it’s used medicinally. My opinion.

  6. Where are the comments?? CBD ANDD THC are literally fine. Moderation is key and becoming stronger in avoiding temptation while using marijuana makes you feel even closer to God and his incarnate son the christ. Things like LSD and Mushrooms are also beneficial to mental health and learning in smalllllll doses only after you pray to God for protection and peace. Things like DMT, Meth, crack, pills, and alcohol are all HORRIBLE for the human body and mind. They push the 7 deadly sins on you..

  7. Here the question to ask your self it no different then a Dr writing out a prescription for all the different kinds opioids for pain the people are becoming addicted to you and it eventually kills them where is the CBD oil is not addictive and it's helping people with chronic pain. We all know we are to keep are temple clean witch are are body's but we put bad harmful things in it everyday. Just built eating right I a big one. Alcohol kills more people then I have ever seen marijuana kill anyone.

  8. This is a very uninformed reply.

    CBD ought not have THC in it (the "high" component in marijuana).

    THC/marijuana can be consumed in other forms than smoking (because smoking is bad, no matter what you're smoking), like dissolved (the THC that is) in butter and baked into cookies. This does away with the bad for your lungs argument.

    Marijuana is bad for you, but so are opiod painkillers. The opiod crisis is rampant in America, and bashing on marijuana seems very much out of proportions.

    Marijuana is addictive, but far less than tobacco or opiods, maybe even less than alcohol. It does influence you, as do opiods, nicotine and alcohol, so even if used, don't do marijuana and drive.

    As marijuana seems to be a very effective painkiller in some situations, it is very effective in late stage cancer treatment, with less negative effects on your health or wellbeing than opiods or morphine, as far as I know it is not curative either.

    Summarized: saying marijuana is bad, period. Is only valid if you say the same about any painkiller, otherwise, accept that it does have it's uses.

  9. Atleast have someone with Atleast a little knowledge of the subject have an opinion..

  10. I don’t view CBD as bad bc it has healing properties to it and also helps people with stress & depression. A lot of prescription medicines such as opioids aren’t helping people, but killing them.

  11. I agree if it has no marijuana affects its good but if not then you shouldnt use it

  12. Read your U.S. Constitution, and Bibles a little better folks. You are brainwsshed to think its bad. IF God wanted the THC removed it wouldn't be there. You have ABSOLUTELY no clue what your talking about, having never used it, yet you're telling people how bad it is…?!?!?! Y'all are doing the Devils handiwork, I'm sure he's very pleased…

  13. Jesus healed the blind with Kaneh Bosom, are you people serious or what…cannabis IS a medicine handed down by God himself. You people are not men of God, thinking you have a right to take away what he gave US. You people don't know squat about this plant, or the Constitution. And get yourselves an old Hebrew Bible b4 the freemasons removed Kaneh for the purpose of greed and control…!!! Do y'all work directly for the Rothschild federal reserve bank MOB….??? Or indirectly..???

  14. In a Hebrew Bible EXODUS 30:23– Kaneh Bosom is cannabis. Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; Genesis 1:29 God US EVERY seed bearing plant across the face of the entire Earth. Thus plant prohibition of ANY kind is in fact a violation of our 1st amendment rights. GOOD DAY.

  15. I actually just finished a teaching seminar about CBD oil. CBD oil does carry small traces of THC. Hemp oil may too but you have to do your research. With CBD oil you only get about 20% of the benefits per dose cuz oil doesn’t absorb into the blood stream. Make sure it’s from a pure source and cut with water so it absorbs into your system more. I know Evolv is top of the line! And when you buy any of their products they feed kids. They are the Tom Shoes of Nutrition. Pretty cool! They have lots of resources over there. Check it out if you want to get educated.

  16. Weed is made by the devil
    But if it’s medical it’s okay from your doctor it’s ok

  17. I don't like pot, it just has too many bad effects on the body. Anytime you smoke something it's cancer producing. It actually shrinks the brain mass down, stunting development. Not good, like many drugs.

  18. Kaneh bosm it's one of the ingredients written down for the oil that Jesus used for his annointing oil. It's the first known word for cannabis. This is a plant that God gave us for medicine.

  19. CBD gives you the positive "medical" parts of marijuana without the high.
    I'm the only person in my immediate family (other than my dad) who doesn't smoke marijuana. I wouldn't like to say this too, legality and morality are not something that to hand in hand. After all, abortion is legal. The death penalty is legal. Using the name of God almighty as a swear is legal. Worshiping celebrities is legal. Hating your parents is legal. I can tick off every single one of the Ten Commandments and it's legal to go against them.

  20. I used to be christian man moons ago, i didn't read the bible till i was 21 and i worshipped many diffrent God's now i worship a God i like.

  21. I like and watch your ministry often but you're WAY off here! I have SEVERE stomach issues and the ONLY thing that works for me is CBD Oil WITH THC in it. I was "Prescribed" 4 different medications from Gastro's/Doctors and one of them sent me to the ER!!!! I'll take the Marijuana leafs extracts over the opioid's or any other hard medication any day of the week for my health! I don't think God has a problem with it if its for legitimate medical benefit and quality of life. You cant throw a blanket judgement about CBD oil with THC out without taking into consideration legitimate medical uses.

  22. Go pop some pills, that's ok. But not weed…Need weed to stop pain, wrong..but pills that destroy you as a human and wrecks your insides, Well golly geesh…that's just fine because our lying corrupt murderous government that topples nations who won't use their petrol dollar, they say it's OK to pop pills, cause they get their cut….

  23. One more thing…this is the insane part, two steps to the left it's morally and legally ok, two steps to the right it isnt. Does this strike anyone else as strange in the ways people view matters? Across the street, yeah it's moral..so go smoke and come back to the side where it's immoral. A person needs to be told when a matter is moral or not, or is it that people need that as an excuse. If a person can't decide what's right and wrong, let's say over the age of 12..they are liars to themselves and others. This is so hypocritical in its nature besides just being foolish.

  24. No offense, but these people aren't the official spokespersons for God. Like the Pope, they are bias and archaic in their ways of thinking. If I choose to use a plant God planted here on earth to remedy my pain then I'll do so and won't be concerned about any persons opinion. Israel was the first Nation on the planet in 1949 to start using canibas oils and medical Marijuana as means of medical treatment for its citizens. If they, God's chosen and with their advancements in almost everything they touch see it fit to use, shouldn't you.

  25. I think used medicinally it is fine. I don't think people should use it recreationally. That said I don't think people should be arrested for it either.

  26. You can get CBD oil with no THC in it. My family doctor actually prescribed it to me and it’s done wonders for hot flashes. I mean within days. There is nothing illegal about CBD so I can’t see an issue. You’re not going to get high from it.

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