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Is America Going to P-O-T? The Dangers of Marijuana

The legalization of medical marijuana has become the trojan horse for legalizing recreational marijuana in Washington D.C. and at least ten states. The number …

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  1. The problem with society is people get the "FEVER"…they are like a child with a new toy and doesn't want to put it down. Once they experience the blissful reaction for the 1st time…they keep searching for that "WOW" effect and when they don't experience that…they move onto something stronger. Now what people need to know is how much is too much…everything should done in moderation. I am Christian and I feel pain…I have chronic pain and was prescribed every medication under the rainbow. These medications did NOTHING for me. If anything I felt the pain more while under such medications. I would prefer to smoke medical cannabis; preferably CBD because it helps with my pain. Now THC…I do not like the psychoactive effects. Yet, at the dispensaries I was told that I need it because of my depression. I'd prefer a bit of temporary relief…than over medicating on prescription drugs.

  2. So he doesn't take a biblical approach to marijuana. Sad. He politicizes it and that is opposite of what scripture teaches. He says that it is used in rituals but so is alcohol. I agree its too strong but so is everclear. all the health problems from pot also have similar circumstances in both caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, ect. Low dose pot has better affects than alcohol with less affects on liver and blood pressure, its healthier than using pain killers or anti inflammatory drugs, its better than using antidepressants. Now talking habitual use not medical even apples would make u a glutton. but low consumption of any legal chemical assuming you are of sober mind is not sinful. I agree people get too high but I also think people get too drunk, I also think people drink too much coffee, I also think people smoke too much tobacco, I also agree people eat too much sugar, I also think people take too much over the counter medicines. Legal weed is no different than any other chemical we consume, there is a right way and a wrong way. We are called to obey the law, be Sober, and to not offend. If you can consume marijuana in that way then you are fine biblically.

  3. I like your show .. but fact a minimum of .25% lower opiate death rates in states that have enacted a medical cannabis program .its the only thing even close to working and even most of your listening audience want some form of compassionate natural medical care thru legalization .

  4. Someone has really distorted view of reality. There is nothing wrong with pot. It's less harmful than booze.

  5. Thank you for spreading truth on this subject! The road to God through our Lord Jesus Christ is indeed narrow while the road leading down to satan is wide!! Wake up, people!!!

    It’s not about what you can physically see it’s about what’s in the Spirit realm. We are to have sober minds! Do a self examination! Humbly ask The Lord if taking this drug is what he desires. Just because you have “seen” it “work” for a family member or have “felt better” does not mean it is in his will! As a rule, I readily question things the world partakes in since this world belongs to satan. Many of you should do the same!

  6. The overwhelming majority of folks whom I know that smoke POT, or consume "edibles" do so to get high, NOT to legitimately treat a medical or psychiatric condition. We should always strive to stay vigilant, and more so now than ever before. We cannot do this if our attention is diverted towards achieving progressively higher "highs". Additionally, the push to legalize POT is simply a ruse to usher in the legalization of ALL currently illegal street drugs, which will lead to demoralization of, and chaos within society.

  7. I just have to say that i have had gastroparsis for 15 years now due to type1 diabetic nerve damage. I threw up everything i atem was constantly sick feeling and marijuana truly helps me. I no longer weigh 80 pounds at 5'2 at 33 years old…. But i totally see whay you are saying

  8. this response is to cover all arguments that I know of to force cannibus into scripture.

    I looked up that word, q'neh( Reed)- bosem(sweet) it means the sweet reed and or cane. of which the Hebrew teachers in Egypt, whom knowing Greek, translated there Tenakh-Hebrew Bible into Greek, called the Septuagint.they translated the word q'neh and bosem to the Greek word kalamos which means reed.and where our English calamus came from in interpreting Exodus 30:23

    The modern hebrew word kulmus is an transliterated derivative from the Greek word kalamos which is also used to define other reeds including papyrus. So q'neh which means reed in the Hebrew was not translated incorrectly into Greek as kalamos as sula benet proclaims, sense  
    there was no word origin of kulmus in the Hebrew language nor Bible that would warrant a translation from kulmus to kalamos. From Hebrew to Greek.

    The modern Hebrew qannabbos is a transliterated derivative from the greek word kannabis which is said to have it's origin from the scythians language and not the Hebrews as the supposed q'neh and bosem words.

    Sense there was an Greek word for cannabis being kannibus in the timeframe of the writing of the Septuagint, then there was no misunderstanding of what q'neh bosem meant in the Hebrew when they translated it to kalamos. sense they knew both languages being Hebrew yet Greek speakers which was the dominant language of that region. But also qannabbos and kulmus is an modern transliteration derived from kannabis and kalamos, then q'neh-bosem being two distinct words and are used separate within scripture is not related to the etymology of qannabbos-kannibus. thus has nothing to do with the male hemp nor the female psychoactive plant.

    Sense kannabis and qannabbos is not a derivative of q'neh-bosem . Mashing two different words together to form one word in order to force a phonetic similarity does not justify the word to be defined as kannabis.

    So even though I find nothing against Industrial hemp because it is not psychoactive, hemp nor cannibis was used by the Israelites in service to God or even as a cash crop.

    Not in there incense upon the golden altar or as holy anointing oil, nor even the oil used upon the heads of sick people while praying over them for miraculous healing as many have claimed. Miraculous/supernatural healing comes from God alone.

    But also God speaks against the psychoactivity of substances when he speaks against drunkedness.alchohol being the main thing hebrews consumed.

    In moderation it was seen in a positive light for health benefits  but in dissipation becoming drunk thus by abuse of the substance it was spoken against because when abused it led to psychoactivity,  leading one to debauchery. Non industrial hemp, quickly leads to psychoactivity when smoked and consumed thus will cause debauchery, regardless of ones objections. Being in this body of death although partaking in the divine nature in Christ, we struggle enough as is sober minded. So smoking or consuming a substance that leads to psychoactivity in low dosages, thus even in moderation is foolishness. as it will cause you to be passive to Satan's advancements while in your "drunken" state of mind.

    God knows better than we do and does not permise such substances that cause psychoactivity in low dosages based on your subjective tolerance level. But plainly speaks against such a substance in order to protect us. It's best to stay away from such substances that cause "drunkenness" in moderation.

    Non psychoactive hemp having great quantities of CBD is why it is very little to no THC and it has many uses and health benefits, thus should not be seen negatively as in moderation does not cause drunkenness and would require very excessive amounts to achieve such a state mind.

    But there are other factors as to why we are to stay away from cannibus or any other type substances that have legal consequences, leading to violating Romans 13 depending on the country and state we reside in.

    But also our body is God's temple so we must honor God with this body being that He purchased us through Christ and we are only stewards of this body amongst any other property of God and not owners of God's posession to decide apart from God of how to live in it as if having self-ownership.

    So anything that we do to cause us to destroy His temple , God speaks against.

  9. Thank you, very much, sir. Peter teaches us to be sober-minded. When i was a teen and smoked pot, i was not sober- minded. I experience many of the negatives you mentioned. People that want to cite God making every seed bearing plant good are clueless to the fall's affect… case in point poison ivy. Can't eat their berries much more touch their leaves. Smoking pot also didn't have a phase-in to a high, or less soberness, than say drinking alcohol.

  10. You hit the nail right on the head. I lived in bad neighborhoods before in the past and marijuana is the most commonly used drug. Anyone who says otherwise has never lived in this kind of neighborhoods, or if they have they haven't noticed that they are part of the problem. Check the crime rate, check the facts people and stop defending drugs just because you use them. God bless Hank

  11. pot should be legal as is alcohol. pot has never killed anyone and can be used for cancer patients. does hank condemn people who drink wine? all the far right talks about is abortion and gay marriage while ignoring rampant adulatery in the church through second and third marriages all the while praising trump as americas saviours and "king cyrus" despite his being a serial liar, serial adulterer, locking migrant kids in cages, being a racists, a lover of money and an idolater who cusses all the time. Im finished with this far right political evangelical church in america, its apostate, I urge others to withdraw themselves from it as well, its the counterfiet church of part robertson, kenneth copeland, john hagee, franklin graham, etc, who worship at the alter of the far right republican party.

  12. You know sir I was a 12 year old little boy once. I was a stud muffin at 12 years old.. all the pretty girls liked me, I was on the All-Star baseball team, I was being scouted for the Major Leagues. I tried pot once nothing bad happened. The second time I tried pot I bought a quantity and had it in my room and my father found it. He incarcerated me into a drug rehabilitation program I was arrested by police officers. I was bent over and held down then I had my pants ripped off. They injected my butt cheek with some sort of drug. Then they forced me to say i was a drug addict. That was the second time I smoked pot sir you are a terrorist sir. I'll have you know it will be legalized. The terrorism will be stopped.

  13. I traded my prescription pills for medical marijuana ill never go back Hank needs more research before he condemns it clearly you need to do your research before you go off on it

  14. I was a regular marijuana smoker since the late 1970s and quit (with much struggle) almost 3 years ago. Hank is right. It is very addictive. For years I wanted to quit, but I could not imagine my life without it. I had so many excuses for continuing the habit even though it was illegal and I risked losing jobs. The withdrawals I had after smoking the medical grade marijuana in Oregon was beyond anything I ever imagined. I had the chills and the shakes for a couple of days. I knew I was wrong about it being addictive, physically and emotionally… and it stunted my growth spiritually. I was a great advocate of its legalization, but no more. For strict medical use for critically ill patients I say it should be available to them. Because I could think clearly, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes further and I was led to become a devout Orthodox Christian– Praise the Most High God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit for saving me!

  15. Another truth is most Christians are on prescription drugs. I do hate the legalization push that claims there’s nothing wrong and it’s all natural. I have been told by several “Christian” counselors to get on script meds which I’ve refused. I see the definite dangers of it to just get high every day but not my motivation at all. I work a hard job that’s hurt my body and when I’ve used it in the mornings I stretch and work out like I’ve never been able to before. I also feel my prayer life has improved because it is a gateway to the spirit world like Hank says. I’m a Christian though and it causes me to notice problems or sins in my life I need to change. It’s why many people have that paranoid reaction to it cause it shows most people things they don’t want to see or change and it scares them. I may not continue using but I will trust the Holy Spirit to show me. It’s ok to disagree and I agree with almost everything Hank said but it’s all about what’s your motivation in it and bringing it before the Lord always.

  16. I am against marijuana for recreational use. I would have agreed with Hank a few years ago about the medical application. But, after having gone through a long-term illness myself and finally finding the appropriate medical solution… I wouldn't want to deprive someone of that if marijuana was the best/only solution.

  17. I love Hank Hanegraaff but one common thread with these people who are so against legal pot is they don't know the first thing about it I'm for individual liberty throwing people in jail has not stopped a damn thing

  18. ANY drug can be abused in any way not intended. Weed was used for home remedies among Native American and Hispanic populations for decades before being made illegal. It could be used recreationally (abused) as well. Modern drugs such as opioids are legal but abused to literal death as well. A lesson is from the ancient caduceus where the staff means authority of the physician, the wings for progress and the intertwined snakes stood for the fact that medicine is potentially poison. Marijuana is natural. What makes up the stuff prescribed now? Doctors back in the day knew everything about their patients. Now they seem to be glorified pill pushers selling the latest advertised drug until the 1-800- BAD DRUG commercials air.

  19. Amen and AMEN!!!

    Praise God for the boldness to speak the unpopular truth!

    American Christians need to do more research into the statements of politicians who are advocating this. Hank sees the bigger picture.

  20. Jesus wouldn’t want you putting people in cages for using a plant that helps people.

  21. Research Cannabis and the Bible! Moses dippd his head in Oil before going into a tent and pray to heavenly Father Yahuah. You are talking about the plant that cures epileptic attacs, cancer and diabetes.

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