Inside a recreational pot factory in Canada

Questions remain whether there will be enough supply to meet the demand for recreational marijuana when it becomes legal in Canada next week. Brett Ruskin …

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  1. quick and fast delivery of good and tasty buds interested in some get to me through my wickr 'hunchoodini'

  2. WHAT…… those were clones in those test tubes !!
    And I thought I was a master grower 😯

  3. Love the news lady closing the dork in the field understood none of her words 😂😂😂😂 , and that lady he interviewed in the lab is so articulate and I’m sure she has a title not just a worker smh he is a trip

  4. Hello guys, if your looking for a good and steady marijuana plug, get to tgis guy on Facebook by name Danny Wilis , his snapchat @yogblack9, he is going to help you definitely

  5. Cannabis saved my life from societal induced psychosis. Then I did not want to break the law and turned to over the counter meds. They made me hyper and think outside the box. But there was a catch no one wanted me taking the amount I was taking. I got hit by lightning. I took some fast acting pills and accidentally took a double dose. I got sick and ended up in the hospital. I recovered with in a few hours and was fine. I’m doing good now. Just wish I could get my meds that saved my life! God you work in mysterious ways. Please free the people it will help them. Watch out for things you can overdose on and things laced with toxins.

  6. all tht bud and to think most of the ppl tht wil get it or white. its like the white sellers and buyers never existed when it was illegal

  7. "Be normal, be normal"
    "Ask about the mother plants"

    "Spuds to buds!!!"

  8. Great I learned nothing thank you. Don’t ask them about “cold pasteurization” it’s their code word irradiating the badly grown weed so they can get rid of the mould before you get the badly grown mouldy weed because I’m sure you wouldn’t buy their weed if they told you it was radioactive just like you would probably be less likely to buy “veal” if it was called slaughtered baby cow. Dont fall for their corporate bull. Buy quality weed from a small timer who does it right.

  9. this is my dream smoking all that weed all day every day all that i want 😇

  10. I live next to the largest marijuana grow op in Ontario. It stinks up the neighborhood. The smell comes into my house, and when it's bad I can TASTE it. The first time it came into my home I literally thought a skunk had got into my home and I searched for it. Other neighbours have said the same thing. I'm trying to sell my house. The stink is a barrier to selling. It has smelt during showings, not good. All I get is excuses and I am beyond furious. I've read that others have received threats. I'm so disgusted. These grow ops should never be allowed to be in areas where people live. The smell is bad for asthma and bad if you have a compromised immune system. This would turn away any buyer. For me the result is headaches and nausea. This should not be allowed to happen.

    Security drives up and down the street (of course they DO need security, but why should I have to live in a lovely rural neighbourhood that needs security). I was questioned by security when I went to the community mailbox down the street. Another neighbour had security walk up to his car when he was stopped on the street.

    I cannot believe this is happening to me. I'm retired and want to sell my home.

  11. And people want to know why I'm anti-Canadian. These Canucks have corrupted the western world via forced diversity, virtue signaling, and legal drug consumption.

  12. This is a medicine not a toy. Watch how you all loose your minds and develop psychosis that creates hostile and violent behavior will grow in Canada because you DONT need or respect this medicine

  13. Cadê os brasileiros que amam a cannabis sativa🍁🍁😍😍😍😍🇧🇷👈👎🇨🇦👈👍👌✌️

  14. Guys, it is now legal to grow your own cannabis for medical purposes in Canada, all you need is a licence. I just got mine a few weeks ago.. starting it up 😊 if ever you are interested in doing the same ill gladly help

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