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Indoor vs Outdoor Weed

Shout out to Killashark Organic for joining me on this video today!!! Show some love for our boy shark Gromies. Subscribe to his channel Killashark Organic …

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  1. As long as its true organics I'm happy. Id sacrifice look and smell for flavor and potency every day of week though. Thanks for sharing. Peace

  2. Awwww I’m doing indoor because it’s still ia no no over here! But I might just try growing it indoor and outdoor… because im curious to compare them after. I’m interested in the CBD Crack seed from Neptune. Any feedback from that seed? I honestly want it for my arthritis and anxiety issues.

  3. I try not to say this, but there's something about notill grown bud, the high to me just hits like it's supposed to. atleast how I like, i feel like I get a stronger and lasting high from organic grown vs salts. but i mean potassium is potassium at the end of the day organic or canna or even GH hahaha. keep up your good work brother

  4. oh god…i didn't think about this till i saw your hat….just so you know lol, KGB is an old Russian communist thing look it up lol, might get some bad attention

  5. Chemi taste is from the lack of flush mostly. Which I’m sure you know those last few weeks is a big push in the tri head almost doubling in size. In commercial grow in their eyes those 2 weeks they could have a new batch of ladies in there flowering. More money in their pockets down the road by shorting the flush… 🖕🏻those all about the money guys. That right there is the main reason I started growing. A lotofthe stuff these days don’t have the potency like it used back in the day. Even the wax is bull shit these days all made from shit trim that has a diff tri head than buds

  6. I've said it a million times . There's nothing like good outdoor smoke hands down 🤙.

  7. Indoor vs Outdoor is a much debated issue but people who debate it -whether they are causals or pros, often overlook all the variables that determine the final result:

    – Skillset and Experience of the Grower (An indoor pro grower is more likely to fail in his first outdoor grow attempt and an outdoor grower would be much likely to experience the same in his first indoor grow attempt, for instance. Preventive pest management is a huge factor for outdoor growing. Also, growing techniques employed in indoors vs outdoors can vastly differ.)

    – Land/Location Factor (Altitude; Rainfall; RH levels; UV intensity; quality and flow rate of air; CO₂ levels; Temp. as well as temp. difference between day and night; Sunshine duration; Amount of sunlight; The growing season, which is the number of days between the last frost of the spring and the first of the autumn and etc.)

    – Quality of Water (Majority of outdoor growers will use whatever type of water they have access to; which, in turn determines the quality of their final yield to a great extent. Indoor growers, on the other hand, have the luxury to work with distilled water which is a game changer. This, however, does NOT mean that an outdoor grow op is essentially deprived of access to a water as such since there is always the option of commercial RO systems for outdoor growers too.)

    – Strain and Land Relationship (A landrace strain will deliver the best results in a given location when growing outdoor since these landrace strains are the original cannabis plant from that area. A nuance as such can be overlooked/ignored in indoor growing without having to pay the price for it.)

    In addition, the importance of drying & curing comes into play, which plays a huge role in determining the quality of the end product yet is often overlooked/ignored. Drying & curing is a science form that is completely independent from the art & science of growing: you could be the most skilled grower who grows the best followers on planet Earth yet fail to deliver the perfect final product due to failing at drying & curing process, which is respectfully responsible for 50% of the quality of your final product.

  8. Only reason the indoor was darker is because of the strain. I've seen much darker indoor compared to outdoor buds

  9. Hey man I just wanted to show you my appreciation real quick for all you've taught me this year I watch every single video you've put out and I know that s*** verbatim

  10. I prefer outs cause u can smoke about 10 blunts per a day and it dont make u "stupid" as when u smoke some quality indoors 😀

  11. Both are 💣. However, outdoor just has that nice taste. I cant explain it. I'm spouting late this year. I forget when do u start giving your teas. How many weeks in general until u feed plant? Do u add compost rt away?

  12. The sun tans our skin and it also tans our buds but outdoor has all the spectrums that indoor is still trying to compete with

  13. If you grow and cure it perfectly. It's hard to tell the difference with certain strains and environments. Indoor sells for around 1600 a pound. If you market it as outdoor you'll be lucky to get 800

  14. Haven't tried any wifi og yet. But i fuck with the blue dream. Cheers guys!

  15. I love outdoor weed . I feel that it's more natural and how you talked about the sun light effecting the way the bud is growing. Natural light , wind and air . 👍

  16. i think your rolling tray is super cool design and a bit mind bending message on it but i've seen you bump it a few times with your hand and it goes crazy. i would think you could loose some of your precious flowers if there was too much movement because the tray isn't stable. just an observation. keep it up and keep the information coming. thank you

  17. My weed taste great from indoor hydro is hydro and indoor is indoor they r not one and the same hydro is indoor or outdoor and hydro taste like shit no matter where u grow it. Grow indoor no till fuck hydro

  18. Hahah this is so dope! Love seeing u guys together!!! Fuck yaaa

  19. I do both and gots to say you guys nailed it. Outdoor fire is a very special flavor and profile.

  20. Hey growmies outdoor weed is the best imo better taste if grown without chemicals. I’ve always gotten a chemical taste from indoor. Great to see the 🦈 and KGB doin collaborations. The next collaboration should be killashark,KGB and DBC. Peace growmies 🇦🇺

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