Growing Cannabis

Indoor Beginner Cannabis Grow Update 3 July 2019

Get your seeds at: Genetics: Fastbuds Seedsman RQS 2 Photoperiod 6 Autoflower 12/12 Light schedule 1.2m x …

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  1. love the plants . but if i grow a plant that good . everyone around would smell it . but loving the look of that plant.

  2. Looking real nice…not sure why but, I'm not getting notified about your videos ..I got the bell

  3. Thanks for the love on my last video brother don't know why it want let me open it but thanks brother..

  4. Looking good brother nice job loving the vids 🌳❤️🔥🙏 spread the love 💕

  5. The little ones are coming along nicely. The others just keep on getting more impressive.

  6. Wow they are looking sweet brother 🔥🔥much respect!! Keep em coming! 💚💚😎

  7. Hey sister 😁 girls are looking beautiful 🌱💪🏻big respect 👊🏻🇬🇧💚

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