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In-Ground White Widow Cannabis Timelapse Grow

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  1. Love your channel and vids bro for a while, couldn’t find them for a little bit but now I did🌱‼️

  2. Plz plz reposy ur Haze grow…OMG i watched that once a day for 2 months straight

  3. Great video, do you mind sharing what camera was used and how to do a time lapse video?

  4. Did you say you just put it in there and left it. No water no nothing? Lol, cool video though!

  5. Glad to see you are back. I've watched all your original videos and learned a lot from you during my first grow. I was wondering what you are using to record these timelapse videos? I have tried using an old cell phone with no success, but maybe I haven't found the right app, or something else. Was hoping you could share knowledge on this topic. Thanks on advance

  6. If u give them the rite home then u breed flies nt weed. Get rid of that greenhouse and rid the plastic around ur plant. Let the top soil dry out before watering. Direct sun is key to pest free grows!

  7. Pretty cool to watch; been reading about growth additives causing the smoke to become harmful, thanks for just using water and the soil in this grow.

  8. I dont liked it why did you let the plant get infested? Its nasty.. poor plant it have no point we all know what happens.. Just help the plant.

  9. Thanks for taking a hit for the team to show what not doing anything with a pest infestation can lead to.

  10. I know the purge was a major hit bro but keep up the great work love what you got growing on

  11. Nothing entertaining about neglect and abuse. I'm calling Cannabis Protective Services.

  12. This a cool experiment because I was always curious if genetic can truly overcome harsh environment without any assistance with bug repellent and how well it does without nutrition.

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