Illinois Legalized Marijuana

illinois legalized marijuana on May 31, 2019 – off to be signed by the governor.

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  1. Kids stop begging for a plant ! "Legalize" a plant? How stupid is that? They want to monopolize and sell, NOT "legalize". Please dont pay them for this holy plant. It belongs to the people, not the government.

  2. the canadian gueese love weed they eat it fly over here to Iowa then poop it out and it will start growing over here too.

  3. Im curious, if its legal NOW in Illinois can we order it in the mail from a dispensary like in Colorado ???

  4. Please reach out to me I'd like to have you on my show. 754.302.1589 Oliver

  5. Oh shit you live in peoria also, glad to hear there's going to be 3 of them opening!

  6. So once he signs the bill, can we legally smoke now, or Jan 2020?
    Or is Jan 2020 just for sales?

  7. Congrats Illinois, now if only NY would get their act together I feel that would be the last brick in the wall to fall before federal government has to act. Except Alabama nothing will change that state from having a joint and doing 6 moths to a year in jail.

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