Illinois House passes marijuana legalization bill, sends to Governor JB Pritzker

Illinois is on the verge of making recreational marijuana legal. The Illinois House voted 66 to 47 to pass the recreational marijuana bill on Friday afternoon.

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  1. Your senses are more fried when you're gambling then when you get stoned off of marijuana

  2. The lights and sounds are designed to heighten your adrenaline be an addictive game in order to get you hooked…. Gambling Gateway Drug

  3. Are you kidding me gambling is just as dangerous as marijuana you can literally go broke

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  5. Well Illinois … good for you. For the rest of the world…just look at Portugal. We should all follow.

  6. Cannabis is medicine. Its been used for thousands of years for healing, skin ointment tea for upset stomache, pain reliever, clothing , ropes, and sails for ships. About damm time!!! Congradulations Illinois!!!! Get better Soon!!!!

  7. Just a way to get Illinois out of its debt crisis. The people won’t see a dime.

  8. Pritzker is a huge Jackass. Typical Democrat that care more a bout getting money than the lives of children.

  9. Sung to the tune of fish heads: pot heads, pot heads rolly poli pot heads, they can't play baseball, they can't go dancing, they can't drive cars, they're too high.

  10. Yeah, you have a problem with no man telling another grown ass man what he can and cant. puts into his own body…Get the fuck out of here peice of shit.

  11. Budget 5100 pages released the afternoon of the vote. Guess we elect super readers. Fraud fraud oy vey the fraud. I guess this is what termites do with all that wood they chew. Paper work everyone into slavery.

  12. Let the mom and pop shops prosper not big tobacco or the rich. Shop local.

  13. Legalize opioids next all of them take away the power of the cartel and big pharma

  14. Im crying guys 😭😭😭😭 yesssss thank you thank you thank you..ive been traumatized and i need thc to keep me calm and feeling normal …we are living the 31 yrs old i grew up smoking pot …was tossed in the illinois youth center where i had no choice but to stop! Got older and realized i need it…

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