Illinois governor to sign recreational marijuana bill

Gov. J.B. Pritzker plans to make Illinois the nation’s 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana use. The Democrat has scheduled a bill-signing ceremony …

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  1. For people in states where it’s still illegal, just keep an eye on other states close to you where it may become legal. Yes, still illegal in your state, but not a big crime really. The likeliness of someone from Wisconsin or Missouri getting caught buying weed in Illinois is very low. So many roads connect. The cops won’t care much even if they find out which is unlikely. This is a win for Illinois, but also for people close by.

    Sooner or later most of the country will be within a days drive to get weed.

  2. This plan is a fraud, only expunged misdemeanors and not felonies. I thought it was legal? More racist big government. Cut the check.

  3. 1990: Dare program, Don't do drugs, This is your brain on drugs. 2020: Drugs are fun, its cool to do drugs

  4. This is disgusting! Greedy pig politicians profiting off peoples addictions! Smoking is bad for you weather it is a cigarette or a joint duh!

  5. Legalizing purely for the revenue you fat bastard. Not an ounce of moral responsibility. I’m sure he’ll have a heart attack in office from eating all his bacon sandwiches.

  6. I bet I know how some Illinoisans will be celebrating their New Years with.

  7. Annnnd south dakota will be legit dead last to do anything about marijuana….

  8. Excellent Illinois, now I wish Wisconsin would get on board. The AssHole Republicans here are blocking efforts by the new governor. We are so still in the Stone Age but hopefully we can soon all get stoned

  9. The law locked up so many in the ghettos of America with marijuana charges. Now you politicians owe them all respect and reparations for it.

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