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I Try To Quit Smoking in 3 Days

Amro meets with the “Cigarette Whisperer” to try and quit smoking. Credits: Check out more awesome videos at …

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  1. I like this technique a lot, didn't hear about it till now (And wasnt expecting to hear something new here). Thanks a lot, gonna try 🙂

  2. I keep a pack on me 24/7. I haven’t smoked for 2 years now I’ve been smoking for about 4 before those 2 but when I think about I want one I got them but don’t take one

  3. I had a different method of quitting. I got a good cigar cutter ($11) and started snipping the ends off of each cigarette. Just maybe a quarter inch. After a few weeks I started cutting a little more, like a half inch. And repeated this process until I was cutting each one in half. After that it seemed pointless to even have it. Then I set a date to quit in the near future, the first of the next month. I think it helped, knowing that they day was coming, counting down the days. On that day instead of buying a pack I bought some lifesavers and hard pretzels. After a week or so I didn't need them or the smokes anymore.

  4. 7:43 I did this when I was in college once. I was really focused on my project and suddenly realized there was a lit cigarette in my hand. Luckily I was only one puff in and my desk was right by the exterior door so I just ran outside, very embarrassed.

  5. I think if I smoke my first cigarette…..

    I probably wouldn't be an addict, I rarely get addicted on things.

  6. Smoking isn’t something that you can quit in three days. If you fully quit that means you no longer feel any desire to use, and that feeling will rarely go away. Both my Grandma and my Aunt are smokers. My Grandma has “quit” about three or four times now. It’s a struggle. As for my Aunt, I’m not sure. I haven’t seen her smoking in a while, so it’s safe to say she’s gone clean, but quit is a stretch.

  7. today i did not smoke a cig for 5 hours and i was going crazy you should have see me at the store buying my smoke

  8. I smoked for two years i stop after running out of cig,no craving nothing.after few month i bought a pod system.

  9. Smoke free is easy. Getting past the withdrawal symptoms isn’t easy. If you want to stop that bad and you have the will to do it, try tapering off. It might take you 1-3 months but letting your body get used to a lower intake of nicotine will make the symptoms less bad when you get off

  10. I never tried a single cigarette. I was always like: Why would I smoke… To me it seems so unnatural for human being to smoke. But I can understand that someone is maybe addicted or just like to smoke. I for example are addicted to olive oil… I like to eat it so much expecially mixed with garlic and cayenne pepper powder and bit bread. I want to eat that every day 😊 at least I must try the taste 🍽️🥰

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