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I Tried Medicinal CBD for a Month // CBD oil review

Hi friends! This has been a really interesting month/experiment with CBD. I tried it for migraine relief and found so many benefits! Please give it a thumbs up, sub …

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  1. APPLES FAM!! have you tried CBD before? what are your thoughts on it? don't forget to like, subscribe, and turn on those notifications for more! sending you all love and light❤️

  2. It took you 2min:44sec to start talking about it. Get straight to the point

  3. My daughter has bad miagrains and we tried cbd for her and we have found that select cbd cream is a goodsend it has taken them away they where so bad she was in the hospital 3 times in a week and it work great

  4. You are so damn sexy! 😳😍 Ok, now that I got that out of my system… great video and great information. Thank you.

  5. I have migraine disorder and I'm doing research because I'm desperately need help I'm suffering horribly

  6. My migraines are getting worse and the treatments aren’t working 😬 I’m considering CBD oil

  7. If it doesn't come from a dispensary don't trust it bottom line your health is more important then getting scammed just because a bottle looks real and it feels real does it mean it real could be anything making you feel good be safe and go to a dispensary just went to one today in Brookline Massachusetts Netta very good place educated people pricey but you get what you pay for

  8. CBD helps your skin stay beautiful CBD clears up acne CBD shrinks tumor

  9. That's right it does not get you high it just puts a blanket over your eyes and face it makes you feel like you're high but you're not only on THC you'll trip

  10. It does not get you high but it puts a blanket on your face it still has traces of THC little amounts I'm still a a marijuana smoker but I still love CBD cuz I'm a hippie

  11. Hi. Do you use it every night? If not, on the nights you don't use it is your sleep quality worse?

  12. Hi I’m only 13 and I have been suffering from chronic migraines since I was 2 should I ask my parents to try this.

  13. When u mentioned tense body n muscles all the time, I have had that since 1999 w my migraines. I have tried to explain to my neurologist for yrs n he doesn't understand. Maybe this is what I need.

  14. I love CBD oil! I use lots of topicals and skincare products! its so amazing it has many benefits for the skin!

  15. The only thing that works on my migraine and regular headaches is sumatriptan..I have tried all kinds of herbs and ointments from Asia but none really works.,.Headache is no fun life's changed… anyways I'll try this one and hopefully it will work for me too…

  16. My daughter is on medication for anxiety and depression, I wonder if she can add CBD capsules? I read that it can increase anxiety, so maybe I'll check with her doctor. Great video though.

  17. Where do you buy good quality CBD oil in Canada anyways because i read that are too many pretenders out there. I am looking for lab tested medical quality medicinal CBD oil. Thanks!

  18. Four days is a long time to have a headache! I have osteoarthritis. I have both total hip replacements. I have completely diminished cartilage in my lower back. Both of my shoulders had rotor cuff surgery right had a separated clavicle and torn bicep tendon, left had a detached bicep tendon. I use a cane for balance and knee pain.
    I reject the opioid prescriptions my doctors prescribe due to our nations abuse epidemic. I just received CBD oil today but I did not know the dosage that will work. I HATE PAIN! No suggested dosage was included. I also have mild dementia. Thank you for your video. I will begin to try it. I LOVE BEING YOUR APPLE!! : )

  19. I’ve tried this product for two weeks here and there, i was very skeptical plus i’m not keen on Cannabis but one day i thought why not “ you only live once ayy” so i purchased a bottle i tried two drops that night and went super tired and my mood dropped then come shut eye time i hardly got a winks sleep plus i also felt weak and with me wanting to put weight on as a gym goer does it seemed to do the opposite, not helpful if you want to stay fit ..i felt more relaxed the following days rather than at the time! If you have overcome anxiety in your past and learned to shut it out i wouldn’t advise using this product and just sticking with good old will power and natural head strength instead of relying on the CBD. Take care people 🤙🏼

  20. Vaping CBD is actually better than using a sublingual as it gets into your system so much quicker. However you have to use a CBD oil made specifically for vaping. Also, many companies will sell CBD oil but they extract only from hemp seeds. What you want is an extraction from the plant itself, stalk and leaves.

  21. I do not know a better CBD product than Kannaway's. This company is the only company in the world that issues a trippel lab test. The experience of users of Kannaway cbd products is really unbelievably good. Kannaway delivers the Full Spectrum CBD oil with a whopping 1000Mg CBD in a bottle of 120ml. In addition to the Pure Gold Full spectrum CBD oil, there is now the Premium Humulus CBD oil that is not related to cannabis but comes from the Hop plant, unique in the world! You can read more on this website:

  22. YOU look almost identical to my half sister, im white/Italian but my dad has a daughter w. His Asian wife and I did a double take thinking you were my sister, I bugged out….lol….and thanx 4 the info very informative.

  23. Can you explain what it makes u feel like. Ppl say it doesn’t get u high but it must make u feel some sort of way. Can u describe it?

  24. I started taking CBD almost 3 weeks ago and it has helped so much! after doing some research, i decided to purchase it from Pure Relief because of their reviews and it was the best decision i could have made. Everyone should definitely look into CBD for stress and anxiety if they're looking for a healthy solution!

  25. I’ve been using cbd oil for months now and I still have a lot of migraines. Have a two day straight one right now. I think there’s something wrong with my body. Been having chronic migraines around 15-20 a month for 5 years now. I’m tired of living like this. I have to figure this out.

  26. I see there are different strengths of the oil. How do you know which one to start with for migraines?

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