Marijuana Medical Benefits

I Tried Medical Marijuana For My Chronic Pain

I’m at a point in my life and my pain where I’m willing to try anything.” Resources for chronic pain: …

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  1. It’s so screwed up that specialists aren’t covered by insurance in the U.S. I have fibromayalgia and endometriosis, and my husband and I couldn’t afford to live if I had to pay for every specialist visit 🙁 I’m sorry for anyone who is going through that. I feel for you.

  2. I am retired military and I NEED this but guess what I live in NC and the VA said they would take my meds if I did it WOW 😲

  3. My pelvic pain is so bad it makes me an insomniac therefore all of that makes me depressed but you know I can't do anything about it but get ibprophen which does not work. I wish medical cannabis was here or legal for the whole us

  4. You seem like such a fun person to be around! Great video glad you found some relief xx

  5. This is a rebound addiction, I also used to smoke weed when I was 21 then I stopped, now at 35, I'm vaping the weed. I am convinced, it is rebound high. It does help with my pain as I've almost stopped taking prescription opioids. When I am high, I don't take my medical pain killers as I don't need them while high. So weed should be legalised and medicalised.

  6. Am i the only one who thought she looked so much more beautiful without makeup?

  7. How the hell do we have records from 2900 bce of the fucking Chinese emperor saying marijuana is good because of "yin and yang"???

  8. I have some cbd oil that's about 5mgs of cbd and thc how much should I take, a whole dropper or ?

  9. Awesome video. I am a new at this so you helped me understand how well it works and some of the stains to look for!

  10. We have charlottes web for doggos and kitkats at my pet store, people LOVE it for their pets, equally expensive but have heard such good results, we ship it all over the country.

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