I tried CBD OIL for one year for my ANXIETY – This is what happened.

I tried CBD oil for one year for my anxiety. Actually, it’s definitely been longer than year… regardless, I used CBD oil/hemp oil for one year in order to reduce my …

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  1. Can Quicksilver Scientific CBD be used during fasting, or is it better left for use inside feasting window? Thank you!

  2. What brand is it? An what diet do you recommend. I believe walking helps me with my anxiety and keeping busy. But my reactive hypoglycemia drives my anxiety more. I have subscribed to your channel to get more info. CauSe…. I need it. I hate hate hate medication!! Xanax which I’ve tried just makes me sleep. I have children I need to care for and I want to have a life. Thank you for your video and look forward to hear from you.

  3. This video gives me anxiety lmao . Holy moly . So much cutting in and out . Lol. . It hasn’t relaxed you I don’t think haha .

  4. CBD oil is snake oil and this comes from a person who used to smoke tons of weed. I live in the midwest and hemp grows wild everywhere here like a weed…It has very low to zero THC, so obviously you can smoke or eat a ton and it won't get you high but it does have plenty of CBD in it…The CBD does nothing for my pain or anything else, Iv'e tried several times….
    In fact wild lettuce extract made from wild lettuce that also grows wild around here (sometimes called opium lettuce which confuses stupid people into thinking it's way more potent than it really is) actually does way more for pain than CBD oil…Wild lettuce is no miracle cure either and works about as good as OTC pain pills but does so in a different way but the wild lettuce extract made from the plant is more potent and works better than just the leaf..If you take enough WLE it'll also mildly sedate you/sleepy and would be good for anxiety…Weed/THC kills my pain about as good as alcohol does. Meaning I'd have to get super stoned or really drunk to take the edge off the pain but then you're too impaired to function.. The combination of taking weed/thc and wild lettuce extract would probably work pretty good for pain but you'd be too stoned to function…I quit smoking weed years ago because it drastically slows my motivation and all that THC clings to the fat cells in your brain which I believe distorts your thinking…Alcohol for example also distorts your thinking but only stays in your brain/body/system for a day…Whereas THC stays in your fatty brain tissue for a month…Years ago when I smoking weed 20-21 yrs old I could tell a difference in mental functioning within a couple weeks.

  5. Is there any THC in there? i cant find a product that is thc free…….. they all have from .02% to .05%…..?

  6. Hey Autumn! Just subscribed as this is the first video of yours that we have seen. Awesome job and your story telling is exceptional. We love your education in this video as we love to educate the community as well. Keep it up! We really believe in what CBD can do for people.

  7. Hey, thanks for the video! this an awesome one! I Use CBD since some good time now and it never stops to amaze me! Most important is, of course, the quality of the oil !!
    I take it for my back pain and addiction, and my GF take it for her depression, and we really see the differences. I usually order on plantandhemp.com as they are cheap, good service and they propose lots of brands. maybe you could work with them?
    Thanks a lot <3

  8. Yasssssssss ♥️♥️♥️♥️🧸💝

  9. Been taking cbd oil and also thc for the lats year i have stoped taking valium and all the other crap medication this realy works.

  10. Thank you for this video, I didn't know CBD and it seems to be very helpful and natural. 🙂 Unfortunately, the brand you propose do not ship in Europe and i'm living in France. After 1h searching for something verified, i found plantandhemp.com I share cause maybe it will help some people to try something safe and easy to be delivered in europe. Bless you everyone <3

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