I tried CBD for six weeks straight (for anxiety and depression)

6 weeks on CBD oil for anxiety and depression//GOING OFF PROZAC!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I love using CBD oil it has helped me with my headaches and insomnia. I currently use getmaku.com and they have great trial pricing.

  2. Thank you for your video, it was really helpful. I'm waiting until my cbd gets delivered . I'm so excited to start and getting rid of my anxiety en depression. You're an amazing strong and beautiful woman!

  3. How are you doing now? Are you still doing the cbd oil and how much do you take? Are you still on Prozac too?

  4. It made me worse, much worse. Couldn't sleep, felt more anxious during the day and drowsy on a morning so had to stop taking it. I then discovered magnesium taurate had much better results.

  5. Thanks for this vid! Just ordered some capsules which are 5mg each so I think I'll start with one a day and maybe increase to two a day 🙂

  6. just letting you know i deal with very similar things and am on medication. it is very hard to ween off a medication that helps you .

  7. Is it thc free some show 0.3 thc which wony get you high but I don't want to lose my job still.

  8. The book Lost Connections talks about depression and anxiety being about loneliness and I think it's life changing. Also, we gotta detox our bodies and build up a healthy gut biome. With Ayurveda eating strategies, fasting/detox, and supplementation you can live a long healthy life. Good luck

  9. Did you go through a medical cannabis shop or did you just order from amazon?

  10. I love your personality… I appreciate you so much for this video . My anxiety is so bad it brings me to tears thinking about living without it because I've never imagined a life without it.. if it could be a reality that will change my life

  11. It helped me get off clonazepam. It's the body's natural remedy for anxiety. Helped with social anxiety too.

  12. I bought mine which is coming in 2 days CANT WAIT 😊😊😊😇!!!.

    How is someone that pretty depressed 😂 ill never understand but everyone has their own story that no one knows about.

  13. I get that cbd is the new panecea, and maybe it works great, but I can’t help but eye roll at ‘100% natural from the earth’ that means nothing. Spiders are 100% natural, but they do nothing to relieve my anxiety, quite the opposite.

  14. There is a lot studies being done about how in-effective oil based CBD products are. Have you done any video on Water based CBD? Your body is 65% water and Oil and water don't mix, I assume you can't really absorb and oil based CBD. I just heard about a company who is claiming to be the only 100% water soluble CBD brand. Because they have attached the CBD isolate to a water molecule it makes the CBD 100% Bio-available. Have you heard of this? Its my understanding that other brands pack CBD in oil to protect it from degradation because ( Air and light ) decompose the CBD and render it useless, that's why its in oil but people are only getting maybe 8% of the dose because its packed in oil. Can you please do a video on this product? 1800bioreigns.com

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