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I Tried CBD For My Chronic Pain | CBD Oil Review & Results

I’ve tried several brands of CBD for my chronic pain, and was never impressed…until now. I really love the CBD oil and adaptogen-infused CBD supplements …

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  1. Good information! So important that you pointed out the fact that it takes a while to get into your system for it to start working properly. Most people give up when it doesn't start working immediately.

  2. CBD has really helped take me out of a flare up and I couldn’t be more pleased.

  3. Hello Angie, I have one Q please answer…

    My brother's child is 8 months old and he doesn't eat at all, may be one meal a day.

    He doesn't even take breast milk that much. the mother is sooooooo worried.What i have to do?

  4. This is such a great video! I really love this company! I am glad more CBD companies are coming out that are ethical. Also, I just love the branding and the smells! Thanks for all the incite! I have not taken capsules yet. Did you use the capsules for anything in particular?

  5. I prefer CBD Flower, far far stronger than oil. Effects are noticed immediately. I find oil to be far too smooth to really feel the full spectrum of effects hitting all symptoms.

  6. Thabk you for this. I currently suffered a lower back injury while I was lifting and I was considering CBD. This video was very helpful.

  7. I suffer from chronic pain but am a full time student so cannot take strong medication without it affecting my studies and grades due to side effects. However I’ve been on CBD oil for a week now and while for me it doesn’t take a large amount of the pain away it takes away enough to take the edge off and has given me no side effects 🙂

  8. My wife suffers from diabetic nerve pain and it's so bad to where some nights she can't sleep and it hurts me to see her that way i been telling her about cbd and i think she's ready to give it a try but I'm trying to find the best cbd product to get for her any suggestions??? ANYONE PLEASE HELP

  9. Do you think CBD would be nay help with bone to bone arthritis? My knees are much much better since losing 135lbs but playing 18 holes of golf by around hole 14 my knees are actually "popping" as I walk. It really doesn't hurt but others can even hear the popping sound.
    I love how relaxed you look there sitting leaning against a tree. I'm a little surprised to see you wearing glasses considering how well you have doing with reducing your need for glasses. What prescription are you wearing in this video? I know it's your intention to one day be glasses free and not need glasses at all. And of course I wish you nothing but luck with doing that. But at the same time watching you in this video you look amazing wearing glasses. It would be such a shame to not see you wearing glasses at least occasionally because glasses are such a good look on you. I'm sure you mentioned it before in one of you videos but i'm 70 so the memory isn't all that great anymore but when did you first start wearing glasses. I'm guessing maybe when you were in high school? So a few years anyway. Don't you think you would miss not wearing glasses if you are successful in getting back to 20/20 vision?

  10. Thank you for sharing the insightful information at 5:40 about the interaction of the ingredients. CBD is a must have for anyone that suffers from chronic pain. #cbd

  11. I have the worst anxiety lately about the most random and irrational things. I am absolutely terrified of natural disaster type stuff and plane crashes.. I have NEVER been this way with planes and I have panic attacks that earthquakes are happening or will happen soon….. has anyone else gone through irrational anxiety like this and it’s taking over your life and had CBD help??

  12. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

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