Growing Cannabis

I got a job as a cannabis grow manager

21 + for patients and adults. I work at a cannabis grow as a garden manager in maine. Check it out.

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  1. hello 🙂 am a filipino from PHILIPPINES .. and am in a adult age .you can help me . to get hired in cannabis industry?? thanks

  2. hey slower been watching your content for a few years now! I just graduated with a degree in molecular biology, with a focus on plant science. This is my dream job, but Kansas unfortunately is living in the stone age 🙂

  3. You look like a pothead idk how your gonna get away with it lol you fuckin up you got beard and shit like nigga

  4. Just flipped my first 4 photos. Glad your doing well. ThankQ.TkEZ》 UK

  5. Nice operation! If your extraction facility is using hydrocarbons or ethanol and looking to expand, let us know and we'd love to hook you guys up with some safety equipment. Also, we're excited to see more of your cabin project on your other channel.

  6. I envy ur work, seriously
    THATS WHAT I CALL A BIG MAMAS nice plants!! Im doing a video to cover how efficent fertilizers are by growing a plant with regular water ec=400 ppm and no ph measure and other plant, exactly the same with the full line of fertilizers, controlled ec and ph to see what a diference does it makes!! Gonna be awesome I think. Kind regards from south america and keep on with the nice videos

  7. Proud of you man! I'm a bud tender now at Tcs in Prov. Love to learn some tricks because I may switch to trim then grow. You shoulda came to the cultivators cup

  8. Nice video! Job looks like it's going great & plants look terrific. Hope to see more of the growing cycle!

  9. Omg i would be so savage at your new job. Your deficient plant deffenetly didnt get root bound in coco bro pretty much wont happen. especially in fab pots with coco you grow in 2 gall what you would usually do in a 7 with soil. As long as you have good netting otherwise obviously it would tip. Love the channel but def but hurt i cant break into the Oregon industry over here. I have been the master gardener in 100 + plant count gardens but still its who not what you know. Grown hydro, coco ,soil, indoor outdoor but still noone would listen to me.

  10. I live in biddeford iv been at walmart for 13 years can i come work with you? I want get into the cannabis industry here in maine and i dont know what to do

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