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I Dabbed a Gram of CBD… It Didn’t Go Well (5k special)

Instagram – Dispensary CBD Insta – In this video things didn’t go quite …

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  1. Its 7:20 a.m . Im sat in my car outside my work smoking a quick pre-shift joint and Im watching your video. I had to comment .. I literally just pissed my pants haha that was hilarious !
    Top vid as always !!

  2. 1st thank you for the video, 2nd it's really really really really really really hard i know what you've been through "this fucking feeling that you can't breathe just inhal a bit of air you can't feel it so you say i'm probably 80% 90% gonna die now" so you a rock buddy, & finally don't make us wait for the update stay safe mate ✌.

  3. I think you might do better if you invest in an e nail that can come to and maintain temp while you're hitting it. That's just too much product lol and maybe use a bong with more cooling capabilities.

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