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Hypocrite in Chief President Joe Biden Is Caught Without a Mask — Again | Ep 527

Former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell passed away due to complications from COVID-19. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Powell family. America’s …

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  1. Honestly I really believed he was married when I first started watching him. Never heard anything about a divorce…..did I miss something or was I mistaken?

  2. The movie is A BUG’S LIFE, not ANTZ!!! For the love of God!!! How many times are we going to let this poor jackass say the wrong thing before someone corrects him!?!?!?

  3. No one has a problem with capitalism, they have a problem with grifters that play on ppls emotions to get rich or ppl that are fake. And chad doesn’t just promote something here or there, 85% of his show is him try to sell something

  4. Went to HEB yesterday and there was only 47 options on the cereal aisle instead of the usual 53 The supply chain issue is so terrible in Texas.

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