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Huge outdoor marijuana grow 2019

Growing Big Trees marijuana grow outdoor soil grown.

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  1. My opinion and this is just speculation, but the 1st thing that went wrong was you put them outside too early, this you know, 2nd you didnt acclimate them to the sun so the leaves got light burn, 3rd it looks like you forgot to water them and they got weak. the plant got dehydrated and wilted, if that was from overwatering the leaves would turn a brownish color, and yes I have seen plants that are used to warm climate die when introduced to cold.. what's actually important is what u cant see and that's the roots…. ALSO IM SURPRISED THEY DIDNT GO INTO FLOWER WHEN U PUT THEM OUTSIDE

  2. Maybe you should take the time to learn to grow some weed you really want to smoke instead of hemp straw trees.. ..

  3. Lol seriously man what were you thinking? You need to clean this straw up for christ sake and plant your self some new seeds you could have a twice as nice crop in 14 days….

  4. Yikes. What happened to ur plants. Looks like u put them out way to early

  5. In a month…
    This is going to amazing to see…
    Keep growing

  6. Ya…sux wat happened to them,they'll bounce back growmie , πŸ˜πŸ‘

  7. Hahaha funny fucker! 🀣 wish I could try some raisin love the frequent updates on your girls keep it up should give us a video of how you do your watering an stuff I’d love too see that! Well done mate hope they treat you well for the rest of the grow

  8. More than enough good to cover any losses. Keep grindin man. Im interested to see how πŸ”₯ some could be from early stresses compared to previous grows with same genetics you had out there. ✌

  9. Here in Spain farmers grow small mango trees and they cover it up with plastic in winter so they dont freeze. I'm sure something similar could be done with weed plants when the nights get cold. Hope they bounce back bro, much luck βœŒπŸ€™

  10. Wow man.sad to see this. What happened? Nvm I found the other vid. Sorry nature is well nature. They will bounce back just be gentle with them. Best of wishes growmie.

  11. ass like a 12 year old boy wtf lol u probably wish it dident die they all look like frost killed them never seen a sun burn that bad

  12. Dude you have to pull the dead shit off to stop the rotting the frost crystallized the cells after you pull em off watch em take off man just a suggestion dealt with it myself kills me see you say they looking good lol your right in couple months they will be okay but dam, rough hand you got dealt man

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