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How You Can Have A Weed Free Lawn // Pre Emergent

In Today’s video I talk about how I use pre-emergent to help in having a weed-free lawn. #lawntips #weeds #golflawn Lawn Tips is run by myself (Ben Sims) a …

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  1. Hey Mate,

    I have applied Kamba herbacide on my lawn on the 16/9 and have been letting it do its job. I let the grass grow for 4 days prior and haven't cut it since. I have purchased some granula sudden impact for lawns by Neutrog. Are these two okay to put on at the same time, for example if I fert tomorrow (8 days after herbicide treatment)? (Have not put fert on yet)

    Living in SW VIC

  2. Everytime you do a drone shot i cry. You're not utilizing your roof with solar panels, now i may be biased since i install them for a living 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  3. PSA::: my local Bunnings didn’t have the pre emergent he showed in another video called β€œFREEHAND” but I was able to order it in through them, so anyone asking when are Bunnings stocking this, they can order it in, I was informed they just had to order 6 in at a time. Hope this helps someone!

  4. Awesome vid as always. Thanks Ben ! My two cents regarding pre-emergents … after watching my lawn become infested with guildford grass ( the weed with a horrid corm under the ground ) and a scattering of random broadleaf weeds and bindis, I took some desperate action and purchased metsulfuron methyl online for about $40. After spraying my lawn with this product most of the the lawn is brown EXCEPT the buffalo and couch. The metsulfuron killed the kikuyu and all the weeds. I'm now waiting and watching nervously hoping the buffalo recovers ( it's a bit yellow in patches ). Love your channel ! ~(,, ,,">

  5. Great vid Ben! I was wondering if the pre-emergents have any effect on the growth of turf as it creeps across bare batches, so good to know it won't prevent this from happening. Keep up the great work!

  6. I love your vids and look forward to them coming out. Although my lawn will never be as perfect as yours its definitely looking far better. I always wonder if your neighbors watch these and feel a bit jealous as your lawn is beautiful and theirs not so much.

  7. So envious of the lawn, Possibly running late in the season, But I'm trying to kill weeds with an "organic" weed killer, About to aerate the lawn and then top dress in the Sydney Eastern Sub. Trying to keep up with your vlogs.

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