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In this video, I go over my method for transplanting cannabis plants – how to transplant marijuana. This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary …

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  1. Wow over 17,000 views on my last video! You all are amazing! The likes, shares and comments really do help. Thank you so much!! Your positive energy fuels me to continue to create informative content on growing cannabis.

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  2. Is there a reason for why you transplant from solo cups to 1 gallon pots instead of solo cups to 5 gallon pots?

  3. Mr. Grow it I have a question and need some help please lol, so after my seed sprouted I didn't have access to good soil so I ended up getting some soil from my front yard(where I think the family that used to live here before me used to plant flowers but not sure!)lol. But anyway it's been growing in that soil,it's doing ok so far, its been on seedling stage for 4 days now and I'm not sure if I should transplant it to some good soil now that I have access to it, or what? It's in a cup and I'm gonna have to transfer it sooner or later just don't know what to do at this point😞 .. really hope to hear from you soon, thank you.

  4. So, you finish the plants in a 5-gallon container? Why not start them in a 5-gallon container to start with?

  5. @mrgrowit no problem using the mychorrhiza in coco when transplanting? Dig your vids! Love from BC canada

  6. Should I go from a cup to 1 gal then flower in a 3 gal or from a cup to a 1 gal then flower in a 5 gallon. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ also wat size for sea of green style grow I want a short veg time but also high yield.

  7. So why not transplant it straight into the larger pot from the seedling stage? Why are you incrementing the pot size by ~4 inches in diameter every time?

  8. so what if i started mine in one on those small styrofoam cups instead of bigger red party cup

  9. Can I transplant straight to a 3 gal pot? Or do I have to put it ina 1 gal first ?

  10. is there a reason why you start the plant in a small container instead of just starting it at the final size you would grow the plant until harvest?

  11. i want to transplant cuz my container is small but its in the flowering stage.What do u think i should do?

  12. @Mr.grow it have you ever heard of expert gardeners potting mix? Do you think itd be decent to use? Only problem i keep having with it is fungus gnats straight out of the bag

  13. Ey sir. I hope you read this… Can i transplant in diferent earth? Like i used a normal earth and now I can put in a vase with diferent earth? Please answer thanks for the tutorial

  14. Thank you for your videos they help me ! I know things that most do not also,I tell people on my channel 🙂

  15. I'm so excited, I've finally started to grow my own! Great videos bro

  16. When you transplant the first time, why not just go right into the biggest pot so you don't have to do it again?

  17. Brother I subd and liked immediately. You answered all the questions other channels miss😎 kudos

  18. Do you ever plan on growing outside?

    Can a lot of the info I find on your videos be applied to growing outside?

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