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How to spot fake DANK VAPES! (Cali Plug. Kingpen, Mario carts) ****UPDATE/PART TWO IS OUT****


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  1. Why do I get a nice clean high then? Whenever I take 2 big hits and hold it in for like 30 seconds I just get like a backround high where you know your high but also know that your sober… really weird to explain, i used diamon og, he had a video on that one. I just really wanna know how is it fake if it gets you high

  2. why this nigga sound so mad. man said if you think it’s real you’re retarded😂

  3. U can get bho into carts the take shatter and further refine w other solvents usually ethanol. U can most certainly put bho into carts

  4. so after this video i don’t even get to see what a real cart looks like,after yelling at me telling me I’m a retard and not even a glimpse of a real cart😭 im –

  5. Thanks man I been getting got. And I should have known one I bought had misspelling on back I actually contacted that company. I would go and sue the ppl using there logos to produce fake shit

  6. Bro all that matters if you know where it’s coming from, some people are honest when it comes to this and then there’s the cockroach’s aren’t

  7. Smoking a pin not from a dispensary and calling it fake is like smokeing a blunt and calling it fake cause it didnt come from a dispensary yall are runining the rep of the pins my friend makes better ones then the dispensary and last me a whole month for 60$compared to buy a whole ounce of good weed and he dont sell online so idk of course your gonna find a really bad fake ones on internet dur u can buying anything on internet so if your the type to do that ur lazy and obviously dont care what ur smoking and just wanna get high

  8. I smoked a cart but I looked like these but was real cuz I got high but now I’m not finna smoke carts like that anymore cuz if this video 😂

  9. Guess I have a fake cart, but fuck it. I’m here for a good time not a long time.

  10. Y’all just need to get a plug that has a medical card then you give them money they buy it for you brah

  11. Lmao i live in detroit n no carts come like that broham. ppl make that shit at home n sell it to the dispensaries. There is no regulation on that shit. What r u talking about. I get my cart medically n they come in a green tube with the name hand written on them

  12. I have the sour apple and it actually tastes like sour apple and a fat rip is like taking a dab… So theyed have to be flavoring them its not just diluted dabs.

  13. If every “dank” cart is fake then why I Ate 5 sandwiches 10 minutes after smoking it ?

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