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Welcome to HOW TO SMOKE WEED FROM A PIPE FOR BEGINNERS – The 5th Two Minute Tutorial by Cottonmouth Media. I made this video with the intention …

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  1. I have a dream that I'll be the captain of a sailboat with a big ass pipe carved with the face of Odin.

    Tis a good dream.

  2. I've decided to jump from vape to dry herb and this was actually super helpful. You seem genuinely eager to help others learn how to properly smoke from a pipe.

  3. I'm smoking a normal pipe, but this has informed me of how to smoke the next persons pipe. Thx

  4. Would like to strip it down even further, show me how to grind using that trick you mentioned? Also how do I pack the bowl? Thanks for the fun video 🙂

  5. Also, I do recommend getting hemp wick, but mainly because it's hard to maneuver the flame in the pipe without burning your thumb. It makes it easier to control where the flame goes and also allows you to corner the bowl. That's what I'm gonna use.

  6. Clearing means to completely inhale all smoke from the chamber. Keep your thumb on the carb for 1-2 seconds as you inhale gently. Keeping your thumb on the carb allows the smoke to build up. Then release your thumb and continue inhaling to clear the smoke. Then exhale. Hope that helps.

    Edit: Better explanation. This is for pipe only:
    1. First, put your thumb on the carb.
    2. Then take your Bic lighter or hemp wick. You could use either one. Angle your lighter or wick so that the flame is over the weed. Then….
    3. As you are lighting it, you need to start sucking. Sucking draws the flame more towards the weed and builds up smoke. When you suck, just do it enough where you can feel it starting to build up in your throat. Don’t suck too much to the point where you feel like you gonna cough immediately. Just enough to draw a little bit of smoke. Kinda like a “Ssssssh” motion with your mouth. If you don’t start sucking or suck enough with the flame over the weed, or you suck but the flame is not close enough to the weed, the flame and smoke will not build up and you have the potential to burn your thumb or other finger because of that. Then….
    4. It should have already been 1-2 seconds. Release your thumb from the carb and mouth from the mouthpiece.
    5. Continue sucking/inhaling to clear the smoke.Then you’re gonna exhale.

    I hope you understood.

  7. Yo is a mesh/filter necessary? Also, is this healthier than smoking from a joint/blunt?

  8. I get to claim I’ve been here since 1.3k subs right? I mean once u hit 100k 200k 500k 1mil I get to say I’ve been here imagine all that money and bud lmao

  9. Mad support for a high quality channel! Hope you blow up because the video quality is great and is encouraging me to start my own channel

  10. Casey Neistat and Peter McKinnon got high and made this channel, Matt is just a CGI avatar.

    Prove us wrong.

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