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How to pass a drug test SAME DAY | Certo Method 2019 IT WORKS

How to pass a drug test SAME DAY! Certo & Gatorade method for passing drug test. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please like, comment, and share!

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  1. Yo I think I fucked up😭 is peeing within the first hour of taking the certo bad?? I couldn't hold it lmao

  2. i’m trying it now, i ordered a test for pickup just to test it out. ima update y’all and let y’all know if it works for me

  3. I did the certo method and my test came back as a negative dialute as in there was too much water in my system but it was negative over all, they’re making me re take the test today and I’m gonna do the same method and just drink more cranberry juice than water. I’ll keep you guys updated!

  4. Can someone help me!!! So I did the Certo steps all correctly, and I took a test that said I passed at about 11:30. Unfortunately the test place was running behind and I didn’t get my test done until about 1. Should I be okay? I started at 9, and didn’t eat anything all day just the gallon of water. They said wait 3-4 for results but I’m really nervous right now.

  5. Urine is only yellow when you're dehydrated. The more clear your urine is, the healthier it is.

  6. just took my test at a lab using this method. haven’t smoked in 6 days roughly. hopefully i passed & will update y’all

  7. How much/many of the B12 pills should you take for coloration in your piss and what mg?

  8. Dude I'm paranoid I got my drug test tomorrow Tuesday 3pm first time gonna do certo I weigh around 155 I smoked for 20 days straight ya know blunt after blunt, ya feel me. I stopped 5 days before test But I gotta question for you should I drink 2 liquid packets or just one? I got this stuff for tomorrow and how many times should I fill my Powerade with water? 2, 3?

  9. Do u have to use Gatorade can. I just take a pack of certo with water and be good

  10. I have a drug test coming up for job corps, I went and brought the nicin pills and 4 individual certo packs cause I’ve been smoking for a while I’m probably a walking weed plant😂😂😂😂 but ima try this and I hope I pass🙏🏾🙏🏾pray 4 me😂😂😂

  11. I’m from Colorado so I have access to ALL that good stuff , but I would regularly smoke cartilages during the day and smoke 1/2-1 blunt at night…. I haven’t smoked in 3 weeks and my drug test is in a week! Will I pass?? (5’3 133lb btw) plz helpppp

  12. Is there an amount of B12 pills to consume or take as prescribed on the bottle?

  13. Immediately After drinking the certo jump up and down for 10 seconds so it coats your stomach thoroughly

  14. If you do certo the day before and then the next day your test will come out as diluted

  15. Got probation drug test tomorrow stop smoking for 5 days I smoke everyday all day but I’m bout to see wats up and I been taking niacin 500 mg 2 in the morning 2 at night so I should pass pray for me 🙏🏾

  16. What about the hair test ,…….diversion gives u twice for the 6 months

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