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How to pass a Drug Test in less than 2 hours (2019 urine certo method)

Tutorial starts at 2:12 PLEASE READ CRUCIAL TO PASSING: drink more than a gallon of water/cranberry juice/gatorade if you can! the more fluid you consume …

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  1. Hi Brittney.. Do you know how they determine if the urine is diluted?? Do they go off appearance or does some urine tests show diluted?

  2. If you smoke wax everyday more than 3 times a day CERTO DOESNT WORK. Certo didn’t work for me I tried to separate times, I followed instruction 100% from this video and also the internet. Certo might work if you don’t smoke heavy though.

  3. Listen people, if you need to test your urine frequently, do yourself a HUGE favor and buy drug testing kits (urine/dipstick) online and in bulk. I got 25 dipsticks for about $1.60 each totally almost $45 with shipping. You will save a tremendous amount of money AND you will have plenty of tests should you need to keep checking to see if you’re clean.

  4. LOL you did cocaine, weed and pills? WTF get your shit together! Btw, are you transitioning your gender? Can’t tell if you started off as male or female or if you’re male or female now.

  5. As a daily dabber, I can confidently say I passed my test because of this method. I smoked Tuesday night and took the test Friday morning. I was extremely worried I wouldn’t pass (high body fat %, chronic user) so I did the 24 hour method and doubled the Certo. First, I took 2 packets with cranberry juice and 80 oz of water the night before. 2 hours before my test, I had 2 packets with Powerade and 80 oz of water. Less than a hour before my test, I took B12. Prior to the B12, my urine was crystal clear.

  6. Hi Britney I follow u on Snapchat I’m bernicev93. Thanx for your fast reply u helped me a lot. Good looking out !

  7. I've stopped smoking for over a month I've been flushing with straight water and niacin and finally today I take a at home drug test from equate and I passed with a very faint line …and tomorrow is my drug test and I'm using certo for a final touch how you think I will do??

  8. Your haircut reminds me of Captain Marvel and it’s fucking awesome.

  9. Hey is there any other way I could make my piss yellow? With out the b12 or what ever it is ? Please help

  10. if you like energy drinks rockstars killer black cherry does put color back two also helps if you use a dark Gatorade to put the certo in I hope I get this job

  11. Im testing in 2 days and this is my first time trying certo. ill let yall know what happens.

  12. Btw this shit actually works.. I just did it for a pre employment and it worked!! If you have any questions lmk

  13. I’m going to take a drug test in 3 hours I hope this shit really works!
    I just got back and they send your results to the lab. They said they would let me know in 48 hours. I’m sick to my stomach..

  14. I don’t know when I will be tested, if I do this a few days before would it still help?

  15. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience….you helped this ole lady and I appreciate you!

  16. Hello gorgeous, we dont have certo in our region , is there some other similar products to it?
    Thank you

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  18. This certificate shit does not work believe me I did exactly everything they said and still pissed dirty for parole today so do not believe this I drank two gallons of water drank green tea and cranberry juice and Certo sweat my apartment out at ninety degrees and wore a blanket n exercised and still came up dirty not even a trace of a line so please take my advice and just stop using

  19. hey does anyone know if this will work with powdered pectin. I live in a country where the only pectin thing is some jam fix product and the ingredients aren’t just pectin but mostly pectin. it’s also a powdered substance. will this work? and how much of the powder should I drink?

  20. If I drank the certificate and Gatorade, can I use the bathroom before my test and still pass?

  21. I’d rather fail my piss test then watch this all the way through, the way this person talks gives me seizures.

  22. Cleaning your urinary trade will not help you pass a drug test. This is just a fact. There is no evidence suggesting this works other than people getting lucky. The metabolites of drugs aren’t stored in the urinary tract. Even if you cleaned and detox the tract out 100% completely, drug metabolites will continue to flow through. A fruit sweetener will not put a block in place to hold metabolites back. It will not mask metabolites either. Get smart people. Get real.

  23. I followed your instructions but drunk 2 because I’m fat. And I failed

  24. We now drug test for levels. The person's UDS came back diluted, so we popped up a UDS when the guy wasn't expecting it, and he failed it!!!! LOL!!! I love catching addicts.

  25. It pisses me off that I still have to do stupid shit like this. When I live in a state that’s already legal and half of my coworkers come to work smelling like Jim beam.

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