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How to Pass a Drug Test Fast & Easy. How to clean your system. Detox Flush. Detox. Flush. Certo. Niacin. Water. Drug Test. I passed my drug test. Proof.

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  1. I'm stressing bad got a test this week I'm around 300+ lbs .. I'm going to follow these steps and do some pre test before I go in to the clinic for my test …any advice?

  2. I'm really glad R.Kelly could help me pass a drug test. He is the one to go to , he is very skilled with peeing after all😭😭😂😂

  3. Nobody :
    GoodAddiction : "and you just gonna PRAY, two lines show up"

  4. If you're taking a basic stick test all you gotta do is drink two gallons of water between 12 hours before your test… Drink the second gallon within three hours of the test and pee allot…. I'm on probation and I pass it like this…. Also don't use the first or last of your piss, piss In the toilet for the first couple seconds then use your mid piss….. You will save $30

  5. You should take charcoal pills too take about 3 every hour prior to the day of your pee test trust me it works but do the certo too I passed 2 tests so far with this method

  6. and this probably won't work for a good drug tests that's can tell if your piss is male or female. anyone done it with a good test I'm trying to get a good job that has good tests please help

  7. Question my man, I'm about 295-300lbs should I take 3, or do you think 2 is still enough? Appreciate your help.

  8. $18 drug test?, Get the dollar store ones,they are very effective.🤔💨💨💨💨

  9. Marijuana should be approved for factories. I mean to be fair, y'all shouldn't be going to work high. That's not the world I want. Head in theclouds, you drop a part, hurt yourself… not good. Not only that but working on weed makes you a little more complacent, but still a little more sluggish than normal for most people and weed is best enjoyed when you have time to sit down and relax. My point though, if you work a stressful job and smoke a bowl of weed every night before bed, you'll sleep great, wake up reset, and not be as likely to drown in the every day stress of life. Heavy drinkers come into my work half hungover, irritated, smelling like beer and take a few hours to speed up. Neither lifestyle is hypothetically optimal, but everyone has their vices. Some people are promiscuous. Others exercise nonstop. Some read, some play games, some need weed to crutch on because of depression or anxiety and a bowl helps them chill out and do more outgoing things. A person who smokes weed at home is perfectly capable of working a stressful job. If not, it's not because of the weed, they are lazy and incompetent by nature. Lord may this stigma end one day

  10. You may want to take minerals and add salt to your water,also take creatine supplement,but not too much,because they will check your urine for specific density and creatine/creatinine

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