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How to mix and fill your own CBD/THC cartridges tutorial

Most people get their Cannabis Vape cartridges from a dispensary or even from a dealer. No matter where you get it, those cartridges need to be filled before …

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  1. Can you used thc infused coconut oil and mix it with the juice and terpenes

  2. The technique is almost right. But these terps really suck. The Tangie, wedding cake, and Icecream cake tasted really shitty. Not even close to its real terp profile

  3. Pretty lame that these people wont answer any ?s from people that didn't have a good experience the 1st time. I guess I shouldnt have said that I have carts showing up that r dead and wont even work. Peak isnt the only game in town and Im using a better company with better customer service!

  4. I bought the "Beginners alchemist kit". First reason it suggests that I am a concentrate alchemist, the second it's the only one I found that was worth buying. Not bashing anyone else's product you just get more for your money with peak as far as these kits go.

  5. I tried this but having issues with my shatter getting really dark if I do it at lower temps I have a ton of micro air bubbles in it any suggestions

  6. If the oil i purchase is diluted with coconut oil, will it still work for making cartridges?

  7. I"ve been trying to figure out how to get CBD and TCH into my ejuice flavors. I've never heard of "Viscosity Booster" before. Does it end up keeping the liquid viscous for a long time so it doesn't turn back into a thick oil??

  8. People saying the terps are very expensive and that terps used in demonstrations or bought online are not real Cannabis terps because they’re expensive. Not sure wat to believe or wats in the terps bought online. I just press my own rosin and was wondering how I can turn it into oil to vape in carts. People saying mix shatter and distillate only but I can’t make distillate from wat I seen that takes knowledge machinery money and time. Wat would be the safest economic way to make oil for carts? Rosin and terps bought online? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. Can filling up a tank with cbd oil clogged it to make it malfunction? My Battery blinks a weird color white ight but I used the same brand Dank b4 any how imma take it back

  10. Best way nd easy way to make carts is press ur bugs with hairstraighter then do the rest u see in the video if u r in illegal country/state

  11. I do not recommend mixing without the use of a magnetic stirrer. You can buy on amazon for $60 and it also helps heating your extract to exact temp for mixing as it is a hot plate and magnetized stirrer in one.

  12. Do u want to learn how to make cbd vape juice yourself.
    Its easy if you use Voodoo drips.
    There's no guessing with voodoo Drips.
    In 3 minutes you can make a potent cbd vape with voodoo Drips

    1) add voodoo drips and shatter in a shot glass
    ( 0.5ml and 1 gram)
    2) heat the two for 20 to 40 seconds
    3) Stirr and add to your vape device.
    4) it's ready to go

  13. hi CWB, iam little confused, the right ratio is 10% terpene and 10% viscosity booster for 1g of concentrate would give 1.2ml afterward. From one of your comment below you said 1g + viscosity/terpene would gives your around 2/3gram of cart oil .. which is right ratio ? also would your distillate oil in cart after mix stays clear or foggy ? Thanks in advance !

  14. Wanted go head n say first all great video 💯💯 it answered any questions I had left on this part of business but yah bro out here on the East coast most kno it's not legal but my view is it's an herb grown from the earths soil from seed coupled along with its 2019 and most important it's medicinal more than anything these help alot of people I Kno anyways i switched over to incorporating these slowly introducing carts to people the past year or less and lately well I've been seriously thanking of doing this for patients and knowing for a fact what's out into each one if I did it myself and for my patients health and piece of mind also,now I'm on the hunt for a few oz's 4-5 at least to start off and see how it goes. But thank you for the video an knowledge shared. Stay humble 💯

  15. Hey California Weed Vlog! I’m a Walla Walla/Washington Based Cannabis Culture and Lifestyle Vlogger! It would mean everything to me if you could subscribe!! ☺️✌🏼💚youtube- 🌿 AutumnWeedx 🌿

  16. I am doing this this weekend but I have a fail question! A couple friends said that they tried this with shatter and as soon as it cooled it separated and was very harsh to smoke.. what did they do wrong for it to separate?

  17. Can you vape concentrates like this without first decarbing it so it can be vaped?

  18. This is a HUIGE NO NO! Do NOT add a "viscosity" Thinner. WTF??? Just say it!! You are telling people to add Propylene Gycholnd smoke it??? ARE YOU NUTS??????

  19. Where did y’all find that hot water bath thing. Or rather what’s it called because I kinda wanna buy it

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