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How To Make Cannabis Tea (Cannatea)

In this video I’ll show you how to make cannabis tea aka cannatea. It is super easy and super tasty. You’ll only need coconut oil or butter, 1 gram of weed, and …

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  1. Uh hello..talented cook, perfect skin, very cute, and awesome personality…I'm sure your snatched up. If not someone needs to. Saying. Thanks for the vid. I'll try it:) love mint.

  2. Hello There, Why need to decarboxylate it? Is it after Decarboxylate still make you HIgh..? or with this process the weed is just as a therapeutic reason without makes you High?? Thank you very Much…

  3. Imagine taking cannabis tea with weed cookies you will be high like in a world of free stress

  4. I do mine just straight, no other additives, it tastes good the way it is, but i can imagine with pepperment it would taste good too, maybe go for a hike and see if i can find some wild mint 🙂

  5. I wouldn't mind seeing how you make cannabis infused gummy bears ,hard candies and lollipops…Meegwetch

  6. Do you actually eat 1 gram?? is that a normal consume? I can barely SMOKE 0,5 grams in a day

  7. Imagine drinking a whole cup of that. Like… you'll be chilling, but inside the couch.

  8. omg i love your personality and your bald head LOL!!!
    your cannatea sounds nice;)

  9. i had to play this tutorial two times cause i was so focused on his head
    thats a clean ass shave right there

  10. I made mine with cinnamon bark, coconut oil, lemon grass and spearmint.

  11. Would it not be better to grind the Cannabis first and drink the whole brew?

  12. Pro tip

    Use wood or silicone (food grade) cooking tools on the non stick pots/pans. Metal will scratch up the coating and could possibly be ingested.

    Thx for sharing!!!

  13. Adding the tea bags near the end might be a better idea, since most teas don't lend themselves to steeping for more than a few minutes (2-5 minutes).

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