Cannabis Oil

how to make cannabis oil

Make your own cannabis oil. A versatile oil that can be smoked,used to mix with kief when making hash and can be use as an edible if decarboxylated. step by …

CBD Essence
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  1. Hello Master Blaster and Johnny!! Love the video. Can you use this oil in a vape cartridge?

  2. Gr8 learning video . Where I'm from , I use cheese cloth ,tied on one side ,place 1lb of shake inside the cloth ( a manageable amount at 1 time ), tie it up then place inside a container (bucket) ,pouring 2 litres , or so , of iso inside the buck , then let it soak very quickly ( 1minute ) , lift out slightly , squeeze , then follow the rest of the steps you've shown on the vid , except for the "let it sit overnight " , get str8 into it , simmer down and you'll find out that the cook will have a definite lighter gold color.

  3. i wish weed was legal in my country so i can chill out a bit after work …… Like your vids keep it up 🙂

  4. Yo masterblaster, dope videos my guy, I’ve always watched your videos from the uk and I love them man, please shout me out in your next video, thanks.

  5. Looks. Real nice man if you ever need a test dummie hit me up hahaha 🌱✌🏼💚

  6. Another great video blaster.. keep doing your thing buddy and I'll keep enjoying these videos

  7. Everyone thank Rick Simpson for coming up with this brilliant idea MANY moons ago. RSO is amazing and has MANY uses. Thanks again guy's for making a short yet simple video explaining this method!

  8. I used to do this in my teens when ide get really shitty weed. Idk why you would want to do this with good weed. still nice vid and back when I did this, we didn't have kief cause our weed sucked, so joints were a mess. We called them "night sticks" or "black sticks" , and I'm grateful I don't have to smoke them any more lol.

  9. I believe u need a lil more alcohol I fill mine above my flower due to I run it twice anyway. Good video.also try 5 gallon hash bags. All mesh bags

  10. Wow that oil is nice looking… Hey ill be e – mailing you this week…… Thanks J & S

  11. You guys are the greatest! Smoking some zerozero from morroco some remember it as "colero" hash hehe cheers! / Andy

  12. Johnny can you put cbd hemp bud in the green extractor for openblast?

  13. thumbs up brother looks killer. still really wanna try ur strain on my channel show of ur genetis u have goin. respect and keep em coming

  14. Awesome Video. Thanks. . Quick question.. Seeing that it's still liquidity, does that mean there's still isopropyl in the product? and if you purge that oil, would that become shatter?

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