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How To Hit A Cartridge With No Battery!

In this video I will be showing you how to hit a cartridge without a battery. 18+ SUBSCRIBE! Watch my new videos here: …

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  2. yo what kind of battery is that i have the same one and i’m trying to figure something out

  3. Dumb and dangerous. Most chargers support about 1A load safely. An ecigarette cartridge will draw more load than 1A. This is a house fire waiting to happen. Completely stupid.

  4. 1. Hits hard 2. Trustworthy method 3. Sub to his channel my fellow stoners 🔥🍁😂

  5. I didn't watch the whole video once i saw the wires and you said Android charger cause I knew it was some retard shit but please tell me that's not plugged into the wall. 🤦

  6. So i cut open my charger did everything right went to plug it into the wall and BOOM i accidentally cut the part that you plug into the box hahahahahahahha

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