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How to grow Outdoor cannabis 2019

Plants gardening weed bud cannabis garden tour vegetation seedlings and flowering medical marijuana grow How to grow cannabis outdoor/ outside all natural …

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  1. I've been growing with Happy Frog soil this year and I've found 3 frogs in their soil. I found two in one bag and one in another. I've been through ten or 15 bags this year.

  2. That's a todo and they give you warts, from they pee. Heloooo.. cover it end find it somewhere else to live or they'll be more. Could be a mother and could have eggs in their. 😣🤔. Google it wikipedia.

  3. Looking forward to these outdoor grows! What strains are you growing? That frog, though!!!!

  4. Girls looking solid bro..i had a Pixie frog looked just like that..also had pacman frogs they eat mice & anything they can swallow there badass..but that toads eyes looks like he ate the plant first then burrowed himself in nice& he's making the soil even richer u know he took a dump in there..hey man have a beautiful day bro..

  5. I wasn't expecting that 🐸
    Cheers for the sub mate, I got ya back 👍👊🇦🇺🌿🚬💨

  6. That frog will eat some of the bugs flying around, them plants looking good.

  7. Up in here bru man,,holy moly was that a toad or a frog???salud😎🙏

  8. That frog trying to get a sneak preview on them girls. All camped out ready for some buudz. Good stuff bro!

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