Growing Cannabis

How to grow outdoor cannabis 2019 (part 3)

How to grow cannabis outdoor/ outside all natural bud growing video Legal weed run for fun and educational purposes must be over 21 years of age please .

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  1. GREAT video plants look great !!!Keep the awesome videos coming !!!

  2. Man those plants look fire! You got a deadhead OG oh my Lord! Nice!! They’re so healthy looking! Nice video dude! Cheers!

  3. The plants looken hella healthy that's how to grow some outdoor fire the stock is looken on point, definitely be waching your videos bro..

  4. Looking good bro. You got the girls out pretty early. Did any of the flower early?

  5. Hey hey new growmie 😉💚💪
    Returned the love 💯 💪 🌿
    Can't wait to get to know u. Looking great 💪 🌿 🔥
    Keep up the awesome work!
    Cheers fam and much love 💚💪💚💪💚💪

  6. 7 of my ten beans have popped as of yesterday and today

    Lookin great on your end keep at it !

  7. Are you going to be showing your gross to the season of 2019 if you are I'll be watching it looks pretty good I like your voice it sounds good little plants look good you're growing the green around the green and when the green is bigger your your lawn just get smaller I'm in I'm watching Huey from Sonoma Northern California

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