Growing Cannabis

How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors – Soil Preparation

Prepping my soil for my containers.

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  1. Nice video. .. I just put two clones outside, I've never grown outdoors, it's going to be fun check it out, I would love some feedback

  2. Hi mate, from the UK and doing a gorilla grow as a source of medicine as I can't risk an indoor grow, got a spot located and already made and mixed my living soil full of healthy ammendments and living microbes and bacteria, I have 8 gallon fabric pots on hand, should I plant them straight into the ground when they're ready to transferred after their infancy or can I plant them into the ground but in the pots aswell if you get what I mean? As in, the pot filled with soil, in the ground and covered up and the plant in the soil in the pot, any advice would be greatly appreciated:)

  3. That was way more than an 8th of chicken manure.
    Worm castings are way superior to chicken shit.

  4. What would be the difference between the mix you got here and something like a foxfarms ocean mix. Pros and cons if any?

  5. Weed is defined as a plant that is unwanted in a human controlled setting.

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