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How to Grow Marijuana Indoors For Under $100

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  1. Hell yeah watching all these grow videos is kinda intimidating. I'm like how do they have money for all this expensive equipment. I tried to grow indoors a few years ago and failed so I stopped. I was given some free seeds so I'm trying again now the passion is back! This bucket design looks amazing. My question is the airflow. Is there a diagram/blueprint? Thanks so much for the content

  2. Can’t believe one of gods beautiful creations are illegal in my state and some other places around the world

  3. Someone help! My outdoor plant is getting really big and I’ve been growing it for a really long time and idk what to do to make it grow weed????????

  4. I just completed this build with four 23 watt 6500k bulbs and it is very hot in the space bucket. The bulbs were too close to the lid and the lid was hot and soft. So what I did was let the bulbs hang downward in a 45 degree angle, hot glue the wires in the metal fasteners from the outside of the bucket to hold the E26 sockets in place. It gave me plenty of room for the lid and for the bulbs so they don’t touch. It is true, the maylar was a pain in the ass. Unfortunately I have server fans that are very loud and very fast. A bit too much for a plant but, I’m going to buy a dimmer switch to slow down the fans and that will allow me to adjust the speed of the fans. I like this design but, like I said, it is very hot in the bucket. Even with just two bulbs running it’s hot. Once the plant is a couple of weeks old I will add probably two layers so the plant doesn’t get burned. All I have to do is get my seed to germinate, which I’m having a hard time with. I have a seed in the dirt and the paper towel method and they won’t germinate. It’s been 4 days already.
    With the seed in the dirt, does anyone know if the dirt should be in the dark in order for the seed to germinate or should I have the dirt in the space bucket under lights until it germinates? I have a zip lock bag over the pot as a humidor.

  5. You should do a video on how to grow outside and how the weed comes out different from being grown inside

  6. After watching this channel for a while, I decided it was time to try a grow of my own using the "$300 grow setup" equipment plus a good deal of extra stuff just in case. I have to say I'm surprised! I germinated 3 seeds, they all popped and they all unfolded their tiny leaves within 3 days! The only other thing I've been successful at growing is mold on bread. I can't believe these GG4 autos are actually growing, and growing fast. They look bigger every 12 hours.

    A big thanks for making videos that contain a ton of information, yet aren't intimidating. That seems like it would be hard to do. Maybe I'll make a finished product video if my first grow is successful.

  7. Well, definitely a fire hazard waiting to happen. (Hot and neutral is for ac only, DC is + and -) Spend 2-3$ for some wire nuts. Worth it

  8. PlantLifeSeedShop on Etsy 🙂 Great Prices And Great Strains only to get better with your help!

  9. Bro I’ve been searching for 3 months for a video like this and I finally found it ! Thank you brotha ! Made my day ! Have a blessed one 🙏🏻

  10. What type of adhesive would be best for getting the Mylar to stay? Not sure if super glue would be too much especially with the fumes from it…

  11. I am a contractor. Please make sure to use wire nuts to join wires instead of simply using electrical tape! You can always use electrical tape over the wirenuts for extra safety. I have to say that although ingenious, this setup could be a recipe for a fire. I would recommend putting a smoke alarm near this setup.

  12. 100 bucks its still wayover my budget. Brokeassfuck! 😂. love the idea tho 💚

  13. Does This Put Out Any Smells? I'd Love To Do This But Want To Stay Under Radar 😉

  14. I'm so tempted to try this out! I have a bunch of this stuff laying around the house. Like a old lamp, old computers etc. Lol also you could of saved money on mylar if you could find white buckets.

  15. Your videos are extremely detailed and helpful! Being able to learn how to grow our own medicine from an experienced grower like yourself is key. Keep up the good work!

  16. Spend the 100 on a bag and then just watch you grow bro. Love the channel keep it up

  17. I have a stupid question…lol. I have seen different opinions all over the net, should I use gallons of water from the store? Or can I use tap water that has had a fish pump running through it to help get rid of the chlorine? Sorry for the dumb question, just trying to solve a problem for a future endeavor?

  18. Make a series on your grow and yield on this cheap bucket grow , thanks a lot for sharing new ideas man.

  19. Does anyone know how I can figure out how much electricity this will use? BEFORE I GET THE BILL LOL 😆

  20. Bruh can you build it then sell it to me 😂 damn ‼️ I’m gon need a few lol

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