Growing Cannabis

How To Grow Indoor Cannabis pt 6 (nutrients)

In this episode I go over a few things with nutrients, mostly for beginners. Here are the Nutrients I use: General Hydropnics (base nute)– …

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  1. half and half rubbing alcohol and water three days in a row back off 7 days back at it three more days in a row. Then spray your rug down every time you go in and wipe your feet on it alcohol and water dead bugs

  2. I’ve just started growing I’m in Oklahoma we just went legal medically not long ago. Really like your videos keep up the good work man also your plants look awesome

  3. Neme & pepermint oil. Pigeons420 is your man for the mix ratio & application. Hope your babies bounce back, bro!….the lemon OG is a nice burn. The sedation is like a brick in the face but doesn't last too long, but the residual high is sweet ! It smells lemony but doesn't taste too strong. My good lady hates lemons but likes the lemon OG to smoke. ✌ & happy growing 🙂

  4. Lady bugs will cure that mite problem along w the neem. The only problem w the lady bugs is if you have an open hood hps. If its a closed hood your good. The lady bugs will actually burn up on the open hood hps light. They don't behave like this with T5's. Good luck!

  5. Switch to organic no till living soil and you won't ever worry about bugs or mixing synthetic growth regulators. Synthetic growing destroys the soil microbiology, leaving your plants open to pests and diseases. Cheers!

  6. Get the skull nuke'em. Spray 1 hr before lights on. 3 treatments 4 days apart. Then once every 2 weeks. No more spider mites!

  7. Bro get rid of everything!!!! And clean your space that's the only way to get rid of those basterds.. sorry to hear about life its always something wish you the best in everything bro👍💯👍

  8. Cool.we looked at the same people for info.thank you for your info thanks keep growing good stuff

  9. Thanks for sharing & Very sound advice your giving !! The Highanic didn't burn your plants

    though you did !! Using them at double strength '~' I can see why you wanted to nuke them

    little b**ta*ds though !! I'd cry '-' Why Sweet Berry ?? It's sugar water `-' PK 9/18 & Overdrive

    Sorry to hear about the sad times, But hopefully having plenty of bud around should help '-'

    Ps. Spider mites/Bugs attract to stressed plants (Or Spills) but your back now & They'll fix

  10. For fluorinated tap water guys, PH UP seems to be a waste of money because who the hell needs PH UP you need PH DOWN. While we are on this topic can someone tell me how 5 gallons of 7.5 PH water can be brought down to say 6.2 using PH DOWN then you add just the teeniest amount more a wham your too low at 4.2 or something – drives me crazy!

  11. I’ve heard rubbing alcohol will work for spider mites and I tried it on mine because I had that problem and it seem to help them out

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