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How To Grow Big And Strong Weed Plants With Silica

Huge Props to Recyclesil for creating that organic goodness that is made from discarded rice hulls!!! My Plants love this stuff! -Recyclesil was cool enough to …

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  1. They r blowin up like crazzzzyyyy my gloves r funny round with my sativa shooting up my last minute clones are turning into little bunndles

  2. I'd take some clones for some mom's next year incase you find something killer if I were you.. I couldn't put all of that time, money, and effort into what could just turn out to be an undesirable pheno type lol. Even the best of breeders can't produce 100% desirable phenos in their lineups. I just want to see you succeed to your full potential buddy.

  3. Thank you so much for the videos you put out lots of awesome information I have a question do you have a soil recipe for hot desert climate Where I Live thank you so much I will appreciate the info (for beginner )👍🏻

  4. hope all is well. it's been a few days since this update about silica and i miss the info. please make more videos.

  5. Kali, if you had to choose 1 strain to grow in your garden, what strain would you choose & why?

    Appreciate what you do!


  6. One of ur vids last year you showed plants that didnt have all the organic additives and they were doing just as good and you were going to rethink all the sprout teas and etc. that you were adding. I luv ur enthusiasm and passion, but I also wonder if all that expense and time is worth it. Can you do another side by side grow with and without? Luv ya man.

  7. I've been using Silica from blue planet nutrients and my plants are staying green even in the hot weather here in the valley. The shit works.

  8. Awesome video! Doesn't insect frass contain silicon as well though? I wonder if using insect frass would provide enough silica for the plants? Also do you amend with Oyster Shell for calcium?

  9. Hey dude keep the good work up
    I would love to get a hold of you and pick your brain

  10. I have been following your lead this year and ohhhh yyyeeeaaahh growmie. The ladies are happy!

  11. Great video brotha! Love the vibes with all your content! I'm placing a order ASAP with recycle sil for that wolverine bone sheeat 💯🔥🔥

  12. silica helps the plant harvest sunlight and it aids the plant in the up taking of calcium that in turn helps make the glues that holds the cell walls together making the leaves hard like concrete and when the PM tries to germinate on the leaf it ends up dying before it can even penetrate. silica lowers PM issues by 95% silica is why you see leaves preying to the sun.. so yea your right KGB much love big Growmie !!!

  13. Sir I tried to use your discount code and it says it's not valid for silica. Is all silica the same? Because I can get it somewhere else.

  14. Kali…On days like today 90 plus degrees…I am sure this is a wide open question…How often and how much water are you give the larger plants in the 65 gallon pots…On these hot days…For me its a delicate balance not to let these pots dry out in this weather and not over water….Thank You 408 831

  15. I have a question for the grow pros. Lets say I have a plant getting rather tall and stretchy. And I also cut off the lowest main branches they were looking kinda suckery. Would it hurt anything to add anotther foot or so of soil to help stabilize the tall swaying plant? Would I be smothering the roots or will it just continue rooting into the new raised soil level. Also I cant surround the whole thing with mesh or a cage because reasons.

  16. Yo kali, damn the girls are looking good. That’s already going in my garden for next time. Peace out dude 👊🏻🤘🏻

  17. Instead silica you can use any thing that has organic silice, isnt necesary but it help whit hot days and deases that start as colonys of mush in the rots/foliage zone.
    muh organic
    Horse tail/rice/bonemeal,how ever be carefull and you can add it by foliage irrigation,compost ingredient(not vermi),liquid.
    If you use liquid or foliage these will work realy fast in the zone its been spreed.
    As he say on video this also make that vibrant green like the horsetail which has lote of silice.

  18. Loving all these info packed vids, making the foray into growing plants WAY easier. Gonna pick up a 1lb bag of the recyclecil. Gotta pay it forward whenever possible.

  19. Damn man there looking day by day mine are growing nice maxsea so far been treating me good but if you or any1 else’s have any other suggestion feel free to let me know keep up the good work bro waiting for them to start blooming!

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