Marijuana Medical Benefits

How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card In Arizona

If you are #movingtoarizona you may have questions about obtaining your marijuana card in Arizona. For all of you/us #livinginarizona marijuana is perfectly …

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  1. Yo sup did you have to show your actual medical records??? Just moved from Cali need to get my card.. thanks

  2. Did you have to make an appointment for this specific location? Because I can’t find a phone number or website for this spot.

  3. Super love this video .But i got 1 question is the weed good and whats your favorite strains

  4. If you had waited til after Aug 27th your card would be good for 2 years. Side note, feels like that dispensary owner is trying to scare people into getting a card.

  5. Great place ! There's definitely places a bit cheaper I believe it was 325 here although you can get it down to 300 shouting out big super lol but definitely worth it for the timely service! Tried different doctor (green dream) for my 3rd renewal and was very unhappy with the service will definitely go back here for my 4th renewal !

  6. Big Super does it again! Just went down this weekend and now I’m good to go! Good looking out!

  7. Check out herbal wellness center off 43rd and Indian school rd. Amazing flower (especially their blueberry) and great deals every Wednesday for cartridges or distillate concentrates.

  8. I’m from Seattle but new in Tucson thanks so much for the information.. Washington is legal so go to know about the medical marijuana card hopefully by 2020 it will be legalized everywhere. Also thanks for the discount!

  9. Arizona came within a very slim margin of defeat of the last election for total legalization. Maybe next time, I bet it wins!

  10. Do you have a video about the best hospital in the west valley, we will be moving to goodyear by the end of the month and im looking for a pediatric. im stuck with your videos; last week we visited AZ and were looking for a place to rent. We drove to some of the places you recorded in the west valley. Your videos were very helpful, thank you

  11. The Mil be everywhere be in AZ soon i know I'm going to put phoenix on the map especially with this talented brother big sup

  12. There is a petition going around to get the price of the M.M. card in AZ lowered. From $150 down to $30. Sign it! This was a great video!

  13. Don't trust anything that comes from the system. These are the same people who poisons our food.

  14. ayy got my card a bit ago on camelback and 7th ave i think! welcome to AZ i moved here from chicago 4 years ago.. nice to see someone document that experience

  15. Does anyone know if conceal carry is still legal when you have a medical card? I know federally it's looked down upon, but what will the cops do locally if I were to get pulled over with a firearm and a bit of marijuana on me?

  16. Big super thanks for all you do! Can you please make a video on the East Valley?

  17. My ex husband had no problem getting his medical card but he is seriously mentally ill
    Just pay the money get the card easy breezy

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