How to Get WEED on the Plane !!!

Ive flown with weed since i was about 15…the first time i got pulled to the side and they searched my bag…i almost shit my pants and ran away…I know I …

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  2. If wants to succeed and pass the security I have to get the machine that takes the air out from the bag?

  3. Fuuuck, two things. 1. I don't smoke but the part "I'm only going for two days", and he said that he normally carry 3 bags of weed WHAT.
    2. What the fuck happened with the scanner (?

  4. Title change …."how to end up in jail instead of your flying destination#😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Yo Yola, I'm have graphic arts experience and I know when light sensitive paper or film is packaged it is always wrapped in black plastic to prevent light from damaging the product inside. I've heard the black plastic also blocks the x-ray camera from seeing the contents. You are bold beyond crazy cause your all out of Fucks! Anyway, good job!

  6. I’m assuming this only works when flying from one legal state to another considering love field in dfw xrays all the bags that come in.

  7. But you went to a state that sells weed😕😕

  8. Hit me up on ig if anyone needs a plug, I have buds, concentrates, cartridges, and edibles! @buds_by_mail

  9. the best way to get weed on an airplane is…

    1. Get a empty SEASONING bottle
    2. Grind the weed up
    3. Put weed in the empty bottle
    4. Put the weed bottle in a plastic bag full of other SEASONINGS
    (FYI) i do this ALL the time.

  10. I live in Melbourne australian its really hard to find plugs its legit a struggle hit me up if you know anyone in Melbourne.

  11. All of y’all that try this shit good luck 🍀 cause….. I damn sure ain’t trying this shit lol 😂 still like the channel though

  12. Just buy edible gummies, then replace the regular gummy bears with the thc gummy bears, it will take longer to get high eating it, but the high last much longer

  13. Why not just turn that ounce of OG into edibles? Coulda got high on the plane discreetly too. This is too much of a risk, you going down doin this 😂😂😂

  14. I'm not completely sure how I got to this from searching for ps4 carrying backpacks, but I'm glad I did🤣JK

  15. 2:34 THIS SHIT FUCKING STINKS! ROTFL!!!!!! DUDE If I were TSA you wouldn't have to do any of that to hide it lol even if the damn dog was in I would just let ya go. I took 6 edibles in a Tupperware container as my carry on.

  16. Why the fukk ,weed is illigal? nobody wants to think about it seriously , except Canada

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