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How Smoking vs Vaping Affects Your Lungs ● You Must See This ! !

Here’s what happens to your body after Vaping VS Smoking for a month! Same experiment WEED for a month If you are seriously …

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  1. I just don’t think cotton balls are a true reflection of our lungs …

  2. It’s sad because my grandpa has been smoking for like years and his lungs maybe like that😢

  3. Бля лайк только за то, что ты дед. Пойду покурю теперь

  4. Notice the vegetable oil and glycerin that is left in the lung that had the vape.

  5. Why this video looks like support for vaping. Vaping industry will make some money 🤑

  6. The dumbest video ever made this is no comparison to real life human lungs😂 I've never seen this bottle heal itself not yet alone give it a break!!!!😂

  7. If smoking means my throat is constantly lined with chocolate syrup sign me up.

  8. But there are many proven facts that vaping gets into your brain and kills you

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