How Portugal Ended Its War on Drugs

Back in the 1990s, Portugal faced a heroin crisis. Most people knew someone affected by the lethal drug. Just two decades later, the country has one of the …

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  1. Tell people not to look through a hole in the wall and they'll start queuing to look through it. Are people just awkward arseholes or what?

  2. Ironically Portugal's incarceration rate has gone up 15% in the last 8 years. According to wiki.

  3. Why common sense things in Europe or any country outside U.S aren't done in U.S= $$$

  4. Zero people who viewed this forwarded this to their elected representatives

  5. Wtf I came back from Lisbon and drug dealers are on every corner in the center of the city. I was offered cocaine a lot of times

  6. Seattle Washington is trying this decriminalization thing and it is NOT working. It's terrible there.

  7. The story about Portugal having decriminalized all drugs is a myth. For users, maybe. But the entire drug market is – just like anywhere else – illegal. This means criminal groups still supply the population with drugs, the police still fight them. And also – a tribunal for drug users is also not fair. Most drug users don't need any help.

  8. Wait you're telling me that education and rehabilitation are great ways to solve the drug problem? Weird, the USA tried prohibition and its been going great… ly terrible and the current institution has no prospects of changing their stance.

  9. Crime should only be those acts that violates the persons liberty, life and property. Use of drugs does not by any stretch of the imagination violate any of these rights.

  10. DuPont's war on the world must end! America and Cronies stop licking their arseholes!!

  11. Ended the war on drugs doesn't mean it won the war… but surrender to drug cartels. Portugal it's a gateway to drugs spread over Europe…..

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