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how much apple cider vinegar should i drink to clean my system of thc

how much apple cider vinegar should i drink to clean my system of thc. Here in this video i talk about how much apple cider vinegar should i drink to clean my …

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  1. I have a drug test in 8 hours but I been clean for 3 months I'll let yall know how it came…

  2. I drank half a bottle of white distilled vinegar and fucking yakked. I came up clean but I wasn’t aware that you could overdose, I’m glad I puked most of it out.

  3. Look guys yall need to stop eating bad food and sugar drinks when you're doing this. THC stays in your fat so why keep it alive when drinking this. Exercise and water every day for a week and drink apple cider vinegar. You will be clean guaranteed.

  4. Hey man I got a really important drug test coming up in like 10 days stop smoking like 2 days ago but what I was smoking was CBD hemp flower with 0.3% or less THC after about two days and still testing positive but I literally smoked like a damn quarter or two of it this month I've been drinking apple cider vinegar and water for the last 2 days do you think that it will be flushed out in time

  5. You can’t drink it straight. Mix it with water so it doesn’t tear your insides out.

  6. I read the comments for hope😂 but the only way to know is by experimenting it myself

  7. Can you mix apple cider vinegar with Gatorade and water at the same time?

  8. If you have a couple weeks clense with acv cut fat and oils out of your diet entirely. Two hours before your piss test eat a big greasy meal hamburger or steak and a big order of French fries. The meat contains creatine and your body will suck up the fat thus minimilising the release of fat. Chew a multi B vitamin an hour before your test. Drink 32 oz of Gatorade and piss several times prior to your test. I've used this method and passed in 14 days and I'm chronic.

  9. Going to try this been smoking for years pretty much everyday and have a test in 30 days and I'm 5'11 268 pounds we'll see lol

  10. I quit smoking now i only smoke Newports ..hopefully this pleases my government.

  11. Okay so I have a drug test on June 1 do I drink the ACV until then along with water everyday? Just Curious.

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