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How Many Lux Does Cannabis NEED At Canopy? + Digital Illuminance Meters Overview

Discussion of light intensity and illuminance and what lux values Cannabis plants need to grow in vegetative or flowering at canopy height. We’ll also discuss …

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  1. so.. hanging a hid light 18 inches above your plant should be good? even in vegetative phase?

  2. Thx alot ! ive been Going With 28k lux on average, and read that in Flower plants need 40k so i tried to get closer and reached 55k With comfortable temps, but instantly got light bleach and i was thinking. Wtf was Wrong
    thanks for info ! it gave me peace in my mind

  3. Thanks for the knowledge man. I modified my light so going by manufacture wasn't my case. The lux diagram for the stages of growth is the only one ive ever found. Much appreciated

  4. Sunlight here is about 130,000 lux, I just measured in April. Why do indoor plants get light burn excessive Lux, but less than that of sunlight, even if the heat is dealt with? But outdoors they do not.

  5. Can you do a show about growing with LED shop light? I grew some with shop lights that said 5100 and they worked good, Now i am going to order a grow light from amazon, Thanks,

  6. yeah lux doesnt work for anything apart from evening your canopy does matter if its 20 lux or 100,000 obviously its going to burn at 100,000 but thats because you have your light redicliously close but if your trying to get 30k lux like lex suggests youll find at that distance the lights just arnt strong enough not sure what watt bulbs he uses or anything but for me 600whps bulbs at 68cm away from the tops are not even in the correct distance range for the bulb meaning that lux measurement is absolutely wrong and useless its going to ruin your plants and create airy lose bud crap crap crap. adjust using the top distance which is 64cm for 600w i believe. then lower it over the first 3 weeks of flower.. the transition period watch for burn and problems then only use your lux after you have moved your lights do not move your lights at all based on the lux reading! they stay where they are! use the lux meter just to even the tops so it reads the same and forget the number ever existed its wrong and will ruin your entire crop

  7. Great channel and great info. You helped clear up my confusion about what was the correct amount of LUX at the canopy level. I'm seeing 25k at the top of the plant and 12k at the bottom in flower with the light about 2.5 feet above. i worried LUX was too low but now i'm resting easy all the way to harvest! thank you!
    btw… i use a free LUX meter app on my android phone and it is fairly accurate. If i had more than 2 small plants in a 3×4 tent with 600w hps, i'd consider a dedicated

  8. Sort of related and late. Started one auto under 1500 watt LED. Was given 12 photos tent and fan. I can't have that much bud legally in Michigan. Can I put florescent lights on them now and move some of the plants into the tent with the led to flower and veg some with the LED

  9. Hey great videos man enjoy watching them !! Could use some advice my self if you can spare some

  10. Got 60000 i thought thats crap as the sun give i read 100000 lux well my plant growing fine

  11. Lex give me your opinion on flower dragon and other hermie prevention products ! I've had some success with reverse dragon but still have some male flower , nanner problems !

  12. There are lots of free lux/light meter apps you can download for free. Your cell phone camera is probably more accurate than most $100 standalone lux meters but wtf knows. Maybe you could whip out your phone and see how close they are. Tia.

  13. Good video. Never even thought about this. Will consider purchasing one of those lux monitors down the road. I'm picking up my hydro system today off a UPS Freight along with the Kind LED 750watt light.

    I'm excited I just thought I'd share. 😁

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