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How illegal dispensaries are a threat to the legal cannabis industry

The booming business of cannabis is what many investors are calling the new gold rush. But with those potential riches comes this reality: there’s a much bigger …

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  1. You guys unfortunately have it the other way around. The fact that the black market exists and you are being paid to do fear pieces on it means that weeds not actually legal yet. Governments have swarmed all over cannabis for tax revenue because their greedy politicians want to buy votes and support their rich and powerful friends. The "illicit market" is the free market. Government is rent seeking in this space and as long as the tax rates are so ridiculous the incentives will be there to circumvent the laws and taxes.

  2. This is hilarious. Expecting criminals selling a product that is illegal at a federal level, that has to operate in cash because banks won't accept electronic deposits from them, to pay their taxes and bother with a license. I wish I could properly describe to you just how funny this problem is.

  3. 3:53 im glad for the rules. Michigans market Will do well.

    Detroit has been fighting this for a while.

    Look into that please.

    Commishioner James Tate would have something to say.

  4. Cartel Operation, Im sure.

    We gotta crack down.

    Michigan has had this issue too.

    Some places are nice. And are just Mom And Pop shops.

    But the market needs to be legitimized.

    Or else the Cartels will be able to make money off of legal weed.

    Colorado is doing good.

  5. legal cannabis is expensive because rent in california is EXPENSIVE. licenses are expensive. permits are expensive. operating costs are expensive. starting a dispensary and starting a grow op is expensive. make these things more accessible then you will get cheaper medicine.

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