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How I made $2000 on Robinhood – RIETs and Cannabis Stocks


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  1. You just need to stop bro. This ain’t right. You’re terrible at this 😂😂

  2. Bruce Wannng
    Sounds like a batman want to be

  3. I’m an high school student i was wondering if this could be my future and i don’t need to go to college but rather succeed into trading taking classes etc. do you think this is a good future idea for me, thanks in advance!

  4. if the fed hikes interest rate, your overall so called $2000 investment portfolio(lmao) will go to "o". buying stock at all time high is purely stupid. rather buying gold & commodity stock if you must buy.

  5. I started the Robinhood Challenge because of this video so thanks ❤️

  6. So… You made $2000 on Robinhood by losing $300+? Sweet dude. Lol you haven't even scammed your audience enough yet to balance your account with the free stocks. Smfh.

  7. Bro…. why are you wasting your time with this broker? I don’t think you can ever make money this way. You know April 30th I had invested on a Netflix´s option. I invested 1600 for 10 options x160 per option and just that single options maybe me almost 10k 3 days after. If you don’t believe me check the graphics. April 30th 2019…. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS BRO. YOU WANNA BECOME A MILLIONAIRE. INVEST YOUR OWN MONEY AND LEARN GRAPHICS.

  8. Why do limit and not just buy Market prices on the spot? Is there a pro / con to this?

  9. I really hope that you will start using a different trading platform if you want to advance in trading stocks… Robinhood isn't the best option, because it doesn't show many essential indicators. It's pretty much gambling if you use Robinhood imo

  10. You're so full of shit, it is coming out of your ears. If anyone gives advice involving Robinhood, they're garbage. This guy is trying to become successful from being a YouTube star. Don't listen to a word he speaks. You. Will. Blow. Your. Account.

  11. Hey hey everyone, check out my channel. Just posted my first video about how to make LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS…yeah just how to make money on Robinhood…feel free to completely destroy me in the comments, critique me, would appreciate the help. Bruce Wannng is A1 btw – great video man!!!

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