Marijuana Medical Benefits

How Does Cannabis Treat Pain & Anxiety – New Study Sheds Light on Methods

A new medical study shows how cannabis and cannabinoids can be used to treat pain and anxiety in the human body, read this …

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  1. "Dangerous side effects of THC?!" Whatever happened to all of the amazing side effects from the "Entourage Effect?!" Which is 1:1 ratio, equal amounts of both cbd AND THC!

  2. Hey everyone! I’m a 18 years old guy from Denmark, dealing with a lot of anxiety. If anybody, who’s fighting with it too, would like to talk about it or other stuff, I’m down for it. I’m open for every kind of people. So drop your ig name if you’re interested and I’ll try to hit you up

  3. I suffer from several medical issues / ailments most of which are the results of breaking my neck (3 places in 2 vertebra) in 01'. Marijuana has completely replaced 3 medications I was on that were habit forming and with MANY negative side effects. I WON'T even touch the opioid subject, but whether its THC or CBD either work better than ANY PRESCRIPTION available from BIG PHARMA!

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