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How CBD Oil May Help Treat Hashimoto's (Lowering antibodies and improving thyroid function)

Download my free thyroid resources here (including hypothyroid symptoms checklist, the complete list of thyroid lab tests + optimal ranges, foods you should …

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  1. I haves graves diease and graves eye diease in one eye on the eye lid no baulging in the eye
    I can tell you the cbd is a great help when my eye has a flair up
    It also helps with other areas with my graves
    Wishing everyone well and peace

  2. I have Hashimotos and have been using CbD oil for about 6 months and my antibodies have been cut in half!

  3. I have hashimoto hypothyroidism. And i also suffer from degerine roussy syndrome after mini strokes ive had. So i take various medications. One includes levothyroxine 50mcg and because of your other videos my doctor added nature T3. I ttried CBD for two months for my Degerine RS, but i never thought it could hlep me with my thyroid. Do you recommend a specific amount,?1000 mcg 500 mcg etc.

  4. My husband uses it for pain management and it works wonders when he has a flair up. He has not been diagnosed with anything like Hashimoto's but he definitely has had an autoimmune issue going on for many years. I use it just for general relief from anxiety when I am feeling stressed out. I only take it at night and the majority of the time it helps a considerable amount.

  5. Timely content as I am in the beginning stages of using CBD oil for my daughter who has MS. We are seeing positive results. But, as we increase dosage, per her Dr's direction, it is becoming a very pricey therapy. Looking forward to comments as well.

  6. I’ve had hashimotos for 6 years now. I am also a vitamin manager at a chain natural grocery. I have been given and tried different brands of CBD. I have also been to numerous trainings on CBD. For me, if I take any more than 10mg it literally makes me sick. Most of the popular brands like Charlottes Web do absolutely nothing for me. SunSoil is the only strain my body can tolerate and that actually works. I have to take it early in the morning, if I try to take it for sleep it has an opposite effect or in one case I slept through an alarm. My antibodies are still 900+, the only time I was able to bring them down only by eating keto.

  7. I've been on LDN for 2 years did great and recently started to have a flare up of my Hashimoto's (this is 3.5 years after a total thyroidectomy too) and I've been on CBD oil for about 3 months recommended by my doctor and its amazing. I no longer am inflamed in my fingers and I sleep like a baby (I take it right before bed). LDN has always made me sweat in the middle of the night/morning and since being on CBD oil I don't have that happening. I have my labs coming up next week so it will be interesting to see if my Hashimoto's antibodies have reduced. I'm still on LDN but the CBD has made a recognizable difference as well.

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