HOW CBD HELPED MY ANXIETY!! The Health Benefits + Other Natural Methods.

Hey Guys!! Todays Video is a bit different but i told you guys i would be switching up the content a little bit! Today i want to share with you guys a little a little …

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  1. Thank you so much I really appreciate this video I’ve always had anxiety but this past year it has been a lot! I’m also not big on taking meds from a dr. I’d much rather take natural stuff. I haven’t tried cbd yet but I might just look into it so thank you for sharing, it’s good to know that those of us who deal with anxiety are not alone & there’s ways to help.💕💪🏽

  2. YO. The chill gummies HAD ME KNOCKED. OUT. You hear me. Still tryna see if CBD works for dogs lol she's still crazy but we will see!

  3. Once I stop breastfeeding I'm surely going to try this out. I used to be in the hospital 5-6 days a week because of really bad panic attacks about 7 years ago. I still suffer with symptoms from time to.time.

  4. My best friend works at a medical dispensary and he has recommended I try cbd products for my anxiety. Which is becoming more prominent as of lately. Thank you Tayllor! ❤️

  5. My anxiety is constantly through the roof and its so hard to control at times so this Lifestyle video was well needed 💕 love the fact you gave us some stuff to read. Thank you beauty

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