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How and When to Flush Cannabis Plants The Right Way

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  1. You guys are the best! Thank you for dropping by! Hope you enjoy the video 💚

  2. When should I start flushing my auto flowers? It will be week 9 in a couple of days for me ..

  3. HOW to flush?????? This entire video was about WHEN to flush, then nothing about HOW to flush. Jesus christ I'm just looking for a video that shows HOW to flush and this is the 5th video I've watched entitled "How to flush" with NO explanation on how to actually flush. Just 3 minutes of self-promotion, 4 minutes about when to flush, and 2 minutes on what flushing actually is…..

    If someone can point out where they say HOW to flush plants, I will switch my thumbs down to a thumbs up.

  4. hey man i have a quick question. i have flipped over my photo period to start flowering, she is 2 weeks in, can i switch the timer back to 18 on now that shes flowering or do i need to keep it at 12? how will it effect the plant if i do switch it back?

  5. Can we trust the breeders recommendations on flower times? I hear that they say it takes less time to make their seeds more appealing giving the idea of a quicker grow.

  6. I'm on the first flush now. About 7 to 10 days away now and just want to say thanks. I followed some advice from your feeding video with some modifications but it turned out amazing. I had zero problems no yellowing or deficiency at all zero. Witch says a lot first grow with no problems. Thank you so much for your advice it worked amazingly. Grow on folks

  7. Hey what’s up growmie!!!! Just subscribed 💯💯💯💯🍻🍻🍻🍻

  8. Short & stubby wins the race!! Im not very tech/social media savvy; hope I did this right 😁
    Please tell me if I need to do anything else 🤝

  9. The vibe in your videos is just something else bro best feeling. Lol not even trying to boost

  10. Hey how do I prevent the smell of Hay from my drying cannabis? It seems like after my harvest as its drying my cannabis acquires a hay smell and Im not sure what to do at this point.. any advice?

  11. In 11 days of flush now but no change in coulor on the leaves but there just stayimg green but going crispy any ideas?

  12. I’m getting pissed of now,,,what am I doing wrong,,every grow I see are small but mine are always nearly hitting the top of my tent,,I’m vegging for 2 weeks on a Wilma system

  13. Loving the uploads great content, so helpful. Keep it up bud 👍

  14. You have to flush at week 6 of flowering or week 6 of entire life of a plant?!

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