How Marijuana Works

Here's How Pure, Clean Cannabis Extraction Works

Cannabis extraction methodology can be complicated and opaque, leaving consumers to wonder how clean their cannabis oil actually is. Capna Systems …

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  1. it's very cold, I wouldn't touch anything inside' "IT WILL BURN YOU."

    my brain fokin exploded

  2. It bothers me that he was using trims, Do people use flowers while extracting?

  3. All that money for equipment but you cant grab decent weed shit looks garbage

  4. My friend had one of these one day sick, probably fake but still. It had the bloom logo, it was pretty fire too so idk

  5. This is not a pure extract the formula there using is not extracting the canaboids right. Shouldnt the colour be redish dark?? yet its yellow?

  6. And all these dopers talk about weed being all natural. Ha. This shit isn't.

  7. I took a cart from ca to va last year the homies couldn't hang theres a difference from dispensincery and street trust

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