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"Heat, Not Burn" Tobacco – Is it any good?

Heat, not burn products started gaining a lot of attention, but always seemed to be overshadowed by vaping. How do they …

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  1. Ok to sell and buy in SF. I wonder how much PM promote this stinkers. One of the most stupid device ever created. It's only to be in the e cigs game and tried to fool vapers or smokers.

  2. I could tell by your facial expression that you didn't like it right off the bat

  3. Tried IQOS 3. Was not a pleasant experience. Dave here really expressed it amazingly well. I found my way to vaping and pod systems. Never looked back.

  4. I love IQOS if im honest. Havent smoked a normal cig so far. And they dont smell at all. Only the chamber smells a bit its not even noticeable if you have the cap on. And the taste heavily depends on how you put your heets in. Your blade has to follow the line of tobacco. Im not a promoter and shit but im very happy i bought this product. It feels like im actually smoking. Vape never delivered that feeling to me.

  5. Most of the toxic chemicals in cigarettes are addictives not in natural tobacco

  6. 1.5k comments! Not going to read all of them. Do these heat sticks contain all of the chemicals that regular smokes have? I know pure tobacco (not processed by manufacturer) even smoked is better than cigarettes but worse than vaping. I would like to know what is found in the smoke? Vapor? Whatever enters the users lungs.

  7. I tried vaping tobacco in my solo 2. It brought out lots of disgusting flavour.

  8. Il stick with old reliable CHEAP hobby normal vapes ☺

  9. iqos isn't made to quit smoking its made for quiting original cigarettes and smoking a little safer

  10. These really caught on in my country (Lithuania). They are as common here as juuls are in the US

  11. They are everywhere in italy they taste like shit didn’t bring my vape with me and ran out of juul pods can’t find any near me so i got back to marlboro reds after not smoking cigs for 2 years going back to my country in a weeek hopefully ill be able to stop cigs again

  12. In WASHINGTON it’s like $100 for a carton, soooooo I say $30 isn’t that bad….

  13. My guy, did you just ghost on a fucking cigarette??

    XD sorry man but that's just priceless

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